July 13, 2016
'Chicago Fire' Season 5 Spoilers: Will Dawson And Casey Marry?

A wedding could be in the works for the Chicago Fire crew. It is possible that Season 5 will see Dawson and Casey finally tie the knot, especially since Casey chose her at the end of the Season 4 finale.

Many fans have commented that Dawson's storyline throughout Chicago Fire Season 4 was depressing. Not only did she go through the miscarriage of her and Casey's baby, but she was also pushed to the side. Casey was the one who became the local hero and walked away when Dawson made it very clear that she was ready for a child.

In the end, Dawson decided to go through with the adoption, despite Casey getting cold feet. She knew that this was what she really wanted, and she wasn't willing to lose the chance to have another child in her life. It was touch and go with the Fire Season 4 finale, with the thought that she was going to die, based on the trailer. Luckily, she made it through and got the approval for adoption very soon afterwards.

According to the International Business Times, there is a strong possibility that the two will get married during Chicago Fire Season 5. Executive producer Matt Olmstead has confirmed this possibility, saying that something big awaits next season. It is about time that the two tied the knot, and Casey stood up, considering the baby he wanted to try for with Hallie way back in the first season.

However, the two aren't going to get married just to help with the custody paperwork moving forward. The two will marry because they believe it's the right thing for them to do and is the right time for both, as well as Louie. It is possible that the wedding will come just in time for the 100th episode, as Olmstead has also confirmed that they want the wedding to be a big event. Considering how close everyone is in the firehouse, it would make sense for all to make it into a big event.

Not all the reviews for Chicago Fire Season 4 were positive. Many reviewers complained that there was little character development. That being said, the ratings have held and are still extremely strong, so the show isn't in danger of being canceled yet. There's no need to rush things for Season 5 to get the most-wanted storylines in. The show was doing so well in Season 4 that the next season was announced as early as November 9, 2015!

Chicago Fire Season 5 has been confirmed for the fall 2016 lineup, with the premiere airing on October 11. Dick Wolf has also had another show in the Chicago franchise confirmed, with Chicago Justice coming to screens.

All the stars are expected to return for the fifth season of the show. Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays the firehouse's female firefighter, has now been promoted to a series regular, meaning fans will see much more of her during the newest season.

It does look like one of the main characters is going to say goodbye to Firehouse 51. This season will see tensions rise between Jimmy and Chief Boden. Olmstead has said that one of the two won't stick around afterward, but he shared no details further than that. Is it possible that Steven R. McQueen will walk back to The Vampire Diaries again for the last few episodes of Season 8 to see out the show (if it is going to be the final season, as many expect)? Will Boden decide it is time to step down, and does a new chief come into town? Tune into Chicago Fire Season 5 on October 11 at 10 p.m. to find out.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]