July 13, 2016
Chelsea Houska Pregnant, 'Teen Mom 2' Star To Welcome First Child With Cole DeBoer

Chelsea Houska is just months away from her dream wedding. The Teen Mom 2 star is one of the most loved franchise stars with many young women looking up to her. When she announced her engagement to Cole DeBoer, fans went nuts. Houska has been patiently waiting for her prince to come along, and he finally did. The two are planning to get married in October, just months from now. With everything going on in her life, Houska is now even more excited for what the future holds.

Fans met Chelsea Houska on 16 & Pregnant with her then-boyfriend, Adam Lind. The two welcomed a daughter together. Aubree has been the light of Houska's life, pushing her to always do her best. While things didn't work out with Lind, she did an amazing job keeping her life together for the sake of her daughter. Houska has always wanted more children but didn't want to have another child before finding the man she would spend the rest of her life with. According to the Ashley, Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her second child. She announced it on Instagram with a cute photo, and she included Aubree in the special moment.

Details surrounding the pregnancy are scarce at this point because Chelsea Houska isn't quite far along enough yet. Her due date is Valentine's Day, which means she is roughly nine weeks. Fans were shocked to see the announcement but have been completely supportive. Houska and Cole DeBoer have talked about wanting a big family, but many fans expected them to wait until after the wedding. When she walks down the aisle, she will be roughly six months into her pregnancy. Fans wondered if the wedding would be canceled, but Chelsea assured everyone it is happening as planned. Houska and DeBoer are excited to welcome their new addition. She announced that Aubree is thrilled that she will become a big sister once again, and she is hoping the baby will be a girl.
Teen Mom 2 just began filming another season, and this means Chelsea Houska's pregnancy will be part of the new season. She is a good mother and adding another child into the mix is something she has wanted for quite some time. Houska is a natural when it comes to raising children, and Cole DeBoer has really stepped up to be there for Aubree when Adam Lind let her down. He took her to the father-daughter dance last winter when her own dad failed to show up. There is a special bond between Houska and DeBoer that can be seen by anyone who watches them interact. News of a baby on the way is amazing, and the couple is celebrating the journey that will bring them to the next stage of their lives.Things could not be going better for Chelsea Houska and her little family right now. She has been working hard planning her dream wedding. In fact, Houska was so eager to keep things intimate and family-oriented, she declined the invite for MTV to finance the wedding if she allowed it to be filmed. As she gets older, Houska is finding out the benefits of keeping things private. Her relationship with Cole DeBoer has played out on Teen Mom 2, truly highlighting their chance meeting and budding relationship for all time.
As the weeks progress, Chelsea Houska will likely share pregnancy updates. Teen Mom 2 fans are excited about the new season being filmed now more than ever. Despite wanting the show to end, Houska is still continuing to film and participate in the franchise that changed her life. In just a few months, Chelsea Houska will become Mrs. Cole DeBoer and welcome her second child into the world.

[Image via Facebook]