July 13, 2016
'General Hospital' Spoilers: New Promo Suggests A Davis Girl Is Pregnant, Which One Is It?

A new promo is out for ABC's General Hospital, and it looks like the pitter-patter of little baby feet may be heard in Port Charles very soon. Who could be pregnant? According to the clip, all eyes are on one of the Davis girls. It seems that one of those unexpected twists is about to happen.

According to the General Hospital promo that was posted on Twitter, the expectant mom could be Alexis, Kristina, or Molly. After the crazy ordeal with Julian that has rocked their world, the Davis household is back to being all female as Julian is expected to be going to prison soon. Things are starting to settle down a bit after he went on his rampage against Alexis, but there may be another shake-up very soon.

Kristina is seen coming down the stairs with a pregnancy test in her hand. She asks who it is that may be having a baby. Molly swears it is not hers, so all eyes turn towards their mom. Kristina then asks Alexis if she is pregnant. The look on her face kind of makes one think that she could be having Julian's baby, but that could just be misleading.

Last week on General Hospital, when Alexis told her husband that she was pregnant, viewers thought it was a little strange considering her age and the fact that she had gone through menopause a few years ago. However, it was actually revealed that she was setting him up and making him think that she was having his child. Julian made her take a pregnancy test, and it was positive. Everyone thought that somehow it was faked, but maybe that wasn't the case after all.

General Hospital stars
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Alexis could have given Julian the fake one, but if she was at all suspicious that she could be pregnant, she could have bought another one as well. Or maybe this one really did come out positive. It is doubtful that it is Kristina's pregnancy test since she is the one questioning her about it. Plus, it would be way too soon for her to know if she was pregnant since she and Aaron just started getting intimate only a few days ago.

Molly could very well be lying about it being hers. She would probably be the most likely candidate at this point, but there is another Davis girl who could be having a baby. It may be that Sam Morgan could be having baby number two with Jason, but the fact that they are off on their adventure on Cassadine Island right now suggests the pregnancy test probably isn't hers at all.

So, this puts it back to Alexis as the pregnant Davis girl. There is a General Hospital summer spoiler from Soaps She Knows that indicates that Alexis and Julian will be making some desperate decisions about their future. Does this include a baby? Unless something drastically changes with Julian's current predicament, these two will not be getting back together anytime soon. He did try to kill her after all.

Julian was convinced at the time that he put the dagger to her throat that his wife was lying about being pregnant with his child. Even though she was indeed trying to fool him into thinking that she was when she really wasn't, maybe that pregnancy test really did come out positive after all.

As for the believable storyline of a woman her age that has supposedly gone through menopause actually getting pregnant, stranger things have happened before on this soap. If General Hospital can bring people back from the dead, why wouldn't a post-menopausal pregnancy be on the agenda? Of course, it could all just be a big tease and none of the Davis girls are having a child.

Would you like to see Alexis pregnant with Julian's baby? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out.

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