‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Does Paulie Have Another Admirer, Can Tiffany Be Saved From Eviction By A House Flip? [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 live feeds Tuesday focused mainly on a mad dash by some houseguests to possibly flip the other players’ votes and save Tiffany from eviction, just two days before the voting is slated to go down. Nonetheless, some other cast members have love on the brain and one – beside Zakiyah – has expressed a particularly strong interest in Paulie.

So far in the Big Brother 18 house, Paulie seems to have eyes just for Zakiyah, and his affection has been outwardly reciprocated by her. Another female, who is part of the Spy Girl alliance, Bronte, expressed an interest early on in Paulie, but her desires went nowhere, as he pursued Zakiyah. That didn’t stop Bronte, however, from again revealing her crush to her fellow alliance members.

According to Joker’s Updates, Bronte told Natalie and Bridgette that Paulie is “so hot” and he is the only person in the Big Brother 18 house she would ever have a crush on. Bronte went on to lament she now believes she has become Paulie’s target in the game. Bronte then pondered, “How does that happen? I should have been Z [Zakiyah].”

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Paul seems to have a true crush on Bronte, but sadly, for him, Bronte told the Spy Girls she would never date him due to his image.

In other developments, the Big Brother 18 house may be in for an upset, as although Tiffany has become the target for the eviction this week, several other houseguests are trying to turn things around by convincing others to keep her safe.

Bridgette is the current Head of Household (HOH), which many find is being heavily manipulated by Frank. Bridgette nominated Paul and Tiffany for eviction, as Frank wanted Tiffany gone. Frank then won the week 3 Big Brother Road Kill and chose to anonymously place Bronte on the block next to Paul and Tiffany.

Big Brother Daily reports that on Tuesday morning, Da’Vonne, James, and Michelle sat in one of the Big Brother 18 house bedrooms discussing how to keep Tiffany safe. The trio agreed they have three votes to pull off the plan, however, they still needed to get two more houseguests on board. Da’Vonne became concerned they would not be able to save Tiffany, and needed Corey and Nicole to join the effort, telling James to work on Corey, who would then convince Nicole to vote their way.

Big Brother Daily reports that James chimed in and said he could definitely get Natalie’s vote “100%” if he was to ask her.

Once Nicole was approached about keeping Tiffany, she initially seemed to be ready to do so. According to Big Brother Daily, Nicole informed Da’Vonne and Michelle that she did not believe that Paulie and Zakiyah would go for it, however, they informed Zakiyah of the plan.

Zakiyah then spoke to Paulie about saving Tiffany, but he seemed dead set against it, no matter what argument she seemed to make in defense of keeping Tiffany in the game. Ultimately, Paulie told Zakiyah that Tiffany is a “long term threat and they have to take the shot at her now,” according to Big Brother Daily.

Later Tuesday evening, Nicole approached Paulie and stated she does not want to keep Tiffany safe and will vote her out, as she believes Da’Vonne is trying to flip the house simply to make Frank angry. Big Brother Daily reports that subsequently, Nicole and Corey discussed the matter with Frank decided to target Da’Vonne next week.

Even though there is only about a day and a half left before Thursday’s Big Brother 18 live eviction takes place, things may change dramatically in the house, so Tiffany’s fate remains up in the air at present.

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