July 13, 2016
Wonder Girls: K-Pop Girl Group Wins Their First Trophy On 'The Show' For Latest Song 'Why So Lonely' [Video]

One of the most-popular K-pop girl groups to have survived in the industry despite many setbacks is Wonder Girls. Making their debut back in 2007, the same year So Nyeo Shi Dae (better known as Girls' Generation) made their debut, Wonder Girls have seen much success. For example, they were sitting on top of the world in 2009, as they were the opening act for The Jonas Brothers during their world tour. Also, their song "Nobody" was the first song by a South Korean group to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

However, Wonder Girls have also suffered their fair share too, mostly through losing members or hiatuses. Not even a year into their debut, Wonder Girls lost Hyuna, who went on to become the face of Cube Entertainment through 4minute and her solo career. Eventually, they would also lose Sohee and Sunye, in which the latter is more of a hiatus due to her pregnancy. That hiatus however put Wonder Girls in hiatus too.

Wonder Girls Reboot 2
The studio album titled "Reboot" was Wonder Girls' comeback after member Sunye put the group on "hiatus" due to her pregnancy. It was very successful. [Image via Wonder Girls/JYP Entertainment Promotions for "Reboot"]Eventually, everything worked out as Wonder Girls remade themselves as a four-member band for their third studio album Reboot. Not only that, the 80s retro throwback concept was so popular, it peaked at number five on the Korean chart while reaching number two on the U.S. world chart. Now, Wonder Girls is sitting on top of the world yet again as they have won their first trophy for their newest song,Why So Lonely," on The Show.

First and foremost, for those who don't know what "Why So Lonely" is, it is Wonder Girls' latest single, which originally released on July 5. The song is a reggae-pop dance track and was written by band members Hyelim, Sunmi, and Yubin. The music video, along with the promotions for the album, sports a 70s concept. Speaking of the music video, which is attached above for viewing, it already has over five million views since its upload. Over 129,000 people have liked the video, and there are also over 13,000 comments too.

According to Soompi, Wonder Girls won their first trophy for "Why So Lonely" on Tuesday, July 12 episode of SBS MTV's The Show on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). The four-member band, consisting of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi, and Hyerim, went up against SM Entertainment's new K-pop boy group, which divides into numerous sub-groups, NCT 127, and Jellyfish Entertainment's new K-pop girl group, Gugudan. In the end, Wonder Girls won with a score of 7,673. NCT 127 scored 7,552, and Gugudan scored 6,430.

It is possible one of the major reasons why Wonder Girls won is because it is the first time they performed the "dance version" of "Why So Lonely." Usually, they would perform the song while playing their instruments since they are officially a band ever since their reboot with Reboot. Still, Wonder Girls are happy they won, as proven by the statement Sunmi gave after Wonder Girls won their first trophy for "Why So Lonely."

"This is our first comeback in a long time, and we're most thankful to our fans. We're so grateful that you love our music this much."
Right now, Wonder Girls is in the midst of competing on music competition variety shows to win trophies, but more importantly, enforce the popularity of "Why so Lonely." The single-album is available now and also has two B-sides, "To the Beautiful You" and "Sweet & Easy." There was also be a limited-edition vinyl released for "Why So Lonely" alone on June 18.

[Image via Wonder Girls/JYP Entertainment Promotions for Why So Lonely]