'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon': Two Weird New Alola Pokemon Revealed In Corocoro Leak

Although it was a bit late this month, Corocoro, the go-to fan magazine for new Pokemon reveals, finally has a new leak. With this month's issue comes two never-before-seen Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and one of them has to be seen to be believed.

Serebii, the leading online source for Pokemon news, reports that the first of the two is Kiteruguma, a large bear-based Pokemon with a fairly simple black, white, and pink design. Kiteruguma is a normal fighting type, making it the first Pokemon of its typing fans have seen in any Pokemon game to date. Its Pokedex description says that it is extremely strong and can break any object in two. Unfortunately, it also has an affinity for hugging its trainer, which is why Pokemon trainers that raise Kiteruguma put their lives in danger.

The leak was of Corocoro's Japanese edition, so the content had to be translated. However, says Serebii, Kiteruguma's reported abilities most closely translate to "Fluffy" and "Klutz." "Klutz" is an ability that has been seen in prior Pokemon installments and prevents the Pokemon from using held items during battle, but "Fluffy" is brand new. Tentatively, the new ability's effect will be revealed when Corocoro is officially released on Friday.

Kiteruguma's immense strength and generous stature (300 lbs/7 ft) make it look like it will not evolve into an even bigger Pokemon. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, and we very well may find out in the Pokenchii stream on July 17 already confirmed to air never-before-seen Pokemon Sun and Moon footage.

The other newly revealed Pokemon, Mimicu, sports a ghost-fairy typing. Like Kiteruguma's normal-fighting, the typing has never appeared on any other Pokemon. Also like normal fighting, however, it is not a particularly useful type combo for a Pokemon to have, with hardly any of either type's resistances covering the other type's weaknesses - the exception is that Mimicu's fairy typing negates the dark type weakness its ghost typing would bring with it. The two new unique Pokemon typings are certainly exciting and follow a trend Pokemon Sun and Moon has been exhibiting in the newly introduced Alola Pokemon: experimentation with new Pokemon type combos!

In accordance with its ghost typing, Mimicu's design is absolutely terrifying. According to its 'Dex entry, the Pokemon's actual body is covered with a cloth which is all that is visible in the leaked images. It is what's drawn on the cloth, though, that makes the Pokemon's appearance so unsettling: it bears an extremely crude scribble of Pikachu's appearance that looks as though it were hastily drawn by a young child. The eyes are round, differently sized black splotches that are not even filled in all the way, the red patches on the cheeks are the same (except red, obviously), and the mouth is a single zig-zagging line.

That would not even be too bad if the Pokemon's cloth were colored with the same lively red and yellow hues as Pikachu. Although the colors are approximately the same as the ultra-iconic Pokemon mascot's, though, they are muted and faded, giving off the appearance of a Pikachu corpse. The unnatural manner in which Mimicu's cloth head hangs at an angle does not help the whole "corpse" image, either. Corocoro apparently says the Pokemon's design is based on Pikachu cosplay merchandise that was popular 20 years ago during the "golden age" of Pokemon.

Mimicu's design may be insanely disturbing for a Pokemon, but it is also very original, Pokemon-themed Youtuber Pdwinall notes.

"It's different from the traditional cute Pokemon kind of thing," he says in a video on the reveals.

"It looks absolutely, positively horrifying, it looks so weird, but it looks really cool."
The extremely distinct nature of Mimicu's design makes it seem that it, like Kiteruguma, will probably be a one-stage evolution Pokemon. A transformation into a ghostly-looking Raichu imitation might be clever, but Nintendo has shown time and time again that they do not want to remind the public Pikachu is not a final evolution.

Again, a possible Mimicu evolution may be revealed during the Pokenchii broadcast in a few days. If not, all questions will be answered when Pokemon Sun and Moon are released for Nintendo 3DS on November 18!

[Image via Serebii]