‘Return To Amish’ News: Kate Stoltz Slams TLC For The Way They Treated Her And Other Cast Members In New Rant

Everyone is excited to see Return to Amish back once again, but Kate Stoltz isn’t holding anything back this season. On the show, she is seen working in the fashion world and things look like they are going well for her. Now Kate is speaking out against TLC and the way that they treat their cast on the show. Kate first off went to her Facebook page to share what keeps her busy now.

“Filming for the show happens over the course of a couple of months. At the time, I was going to school full-time, then I was a full- time intern. Between school, my internship and filming, I managed to keep up with all of my sewing. I’m young and determined to make the most of my energy to build my career instead of going out and partying. I also have a dog that needs to be walked a couple times a day. All of these components create an almost nonexistent social life, which is something that many people (including co-workers, friends and producers) simply didn’t understand. I visit my family often and have friends in the fashion industry that complete my life, so I’m happy and busy :)”

It does sound like Kate Stoltz is doing great outside of the show, but she doesn’t have good things to say about reality television. Kate went to her Twitter and started talking. It took a series of tweets for her to explain her thoughts and what has gone on. Her first tweet said, “We were bullied and harassed while filming. If we didn’t go along with the storyline, they would turn it around and make us look bad.”

After this, Kate Stoltz didn’t hold anything back. She went on to share the reality of what goes on if you are on reality television. She shared that if TLC thought they had boring lives then they would create storylines around them to make it better. Kate shared that they also told the cast members that other cast members were talking about them to make it where they wouldn’t trust each other at all.

Kate Stoltz went on to explain that she has stayed quiet for four years. She was afraid of what might happen to her if she told the truth, but she decided that she didn’t care and was going to do it anyway. Kate is telling her side of the story so that other people will be aware that this could happen to them in the future.

This isn’t the first time that Kate Stoltz went to Twitter and slammed the show. The Inquisitr shared that Kate bashed the show just last week. She revealed that Chapel didn’t really have cancer on the show last year like she made it look and was just covering up a heroin addiction. She said, “They had me fooled. I’m upset that I was tricked into thinking that her cancer was back, and she was doing chemo. For example, Chapel was NOT doing chemo when the show was filmed. She was in remission and had us all fooled into thinking she was very sick.” Kate said that she hasn’t talked to her since then at all. So far, it doesn’t look like Chapel will be back again on this season of the show. Kate also said that they told her she was boring and threatened to kick her off the show.

Are you shocked to hear what Kate Stoltz has to say about Return to Amish? Do you think that TLC really treats the cast members that way? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Return to Amish on Sunday nights on TLC.

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