YoonA: Vietnamese And Chinese Netizens Argue Politics On Instagram Of Girls’ Generation K-Pop Idol

Over the course of this year, it seems that half of the K-pop idols from the popular girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls’ Generation, are concentrating on acting as their solo career possibly as preparation when the girl group inevitably disbands. Just this year alone, both Kwon Yuri and Choi Sooyoung, who are both better known simply by their first names, had main cast roles on dramas broadcast by Orion Cinema Network (OCN). Yuri’s and Sooyoung’s K-dramas, Neighborhood Hero and 38 Revenue Collection Unit respectively, are doing or have done well, and it is believed OCN has found their “secret weapon” in Girls’ Generation K-pop idols. This fact should not negate Seo Ju Hyun, better known as Seohyun, who has a role in upcoming period K-drama Moon Lovers, though it is her second real acting gig right after Passionate Love.

Girls' Generation, K-dramas

Keeping count, only three members of Girls’ Generation were mentioned above yet reportedly half of the K-pop girl group are in acting gigs. The fourth member who is gracing the small screen is Im Yoona, who is also better known simply by her first name. However, it is not the Korean small screen she is gracing but the Chinese for period C-drama God of War: Zhao Yun. Presently, Yoona is doing post-air promotions in China, but she now has other things on her mind as Chinese and Vietnamese netizens have a major political argument on her Instagram.

Before diving into Yoona’s Instagram, it should be noted the political dispute happening between China and Vietnam has to do with an incident happening along a disputed area situated in the South China Sea. According to AllKpop, two Vietnamese boats were allegedly pursued and sunk by Chinese coastguard ships on Saturday, July 9. Along with the seeking, there are also reports that the Chinese coastguards boarded the Vietnamese boats and assaulted five Vietnamese sailors and threw them overboard before sinking the vessel. The Vietnamese sailors would have been stranded at sea if it weren’t for a second Vietnamese boat rescuing them.

Sadly, the fact that Yoona was currently a part of an upcoming period C-drama, one with a lot of post-airing promotions happening now, was enough of a reason for Vietnamese netizens to go to her Instagram account and express their rage towards the political incident. They are pressuring Yoona to “not post anything about China,” which is kind of hard for her to do given the obvious aforementioned detail about what kind of drama she was acting in.

God of War, Zhao Yun, Yoona, Girls' Generation

For those who do not know about Yoona’s C-drama, God of War, Zhao Yun (also known as Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long, Three Kingdoms, and Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long), it was a period C-drama which aired earlier this year. Starring Lin Gengxin as Zhao Zi Long, Yoona as Xiahou Qing Yi and Ma Yu Rou, and Kim Jeong Hoon as Gao Ze, the drama is set in the Three Kingdoms Period and is about a love triangle between Zi Long, the greatest military general who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty; Qing Yi; and Gao Ze, another great warrior. They will eventually discover that battles of the heart are far more dangerous than the battles happening between the Three Kingdoms.

God of War, Zhao Yun was very popular in China, even surpassing Descendants of the Sun while both series were on air at the time. Nevertheless, God of War, Zhao Yun is going through post-airing promotions, specifically through the main cast going to fan meetings.

For those who want to watch Yoona’s period C-drama God of War, Zhao Yun, it is no longer on air since its original air dates were between April 3 and May 7 of this year on the Hunan Broadcasting System (Hunan TV), but all the episodes are streaming online. The popular C-drama can be seen for free, with ads, on Viki.

[Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]