'Supernatural' Season 12 Won't Be The Last, Will Go On Until The Stars Stop

Alexandria Ingham

Supernatural Season 12 isn't going to be the end of the show if the series runners have anything to say about it. Various people connected to the show have said it will not end until stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki say that they have had enough.

It will ultimately depend on the network, but at the moment, there seem to be no plans to bring Supernatural off the air. It is one of the strongest performing shows on the network, with a cult fan base spreading across the globe. With shows like The Vampire Diaries and Reign having smaller viewing figures and still airing, it wouldn't make sense yet to bring the Winchesters to a halt. Of course, these two shows could come to an end after next season, both have been renewed for Season 8 and Season 4, respectively.

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Supernatural creator Eric Kripke may have stepped down after Season 5 (his intended end), but he has said that Season 12 will not be the final chapter. It all depends on Padalecki and Ackles, who seem happy to continue their roles for now. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ackles has decided to take a step back from directing this season so he can put more focus into his character Dean Winchester.

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Chip Chick does point out that 12 seasons is a long time for a show to air. Supernatural was only supposed to run until Season 5 but was picked up after the apocalypse was stopped. It did look like around Seasons 7 and 8 that the show was going to be canceled, but the viewing figures picked up with a change of showrunner to Jeremy Carver in Season 8. The show now has another chance of a pickup as Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb take over the reins. This is the first time the show has officially had two showrunners, and it will mean a lot of bouncing ideas back and forth.

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Movie News Guide reports that the CW has even loosely confirmed that Supernatural Season 12 will not be the end. It has pre-approved Season 13, continuing its run as the longest-running show on the network. Supernatural started on the WB and has been on the CW since its conception.

There were some early rumors that Supernatural would come to an end with Season 12. This happens with each new season due to the length of time the show has been on the air. The argument for some was that the show would have been renewed for more seasons if there was a plan to keep it. However, the CW renewed all its shows for one year only, including popular shows like Arrow and The Flash. The one-year renewals just give the network time to see if the shows will pick up enough to warrant another season afterward.

As well as not being the final season, Supernatural has also been confirmed to have 23 episodes for Season 12. This is no surprise considering every season since 2012 has had 23 episodes. It allows a two-part finale to really wrap up storylines and set up the next season arc. Most shows that are on their final seasons will have shorter seasons, indicating that there are full intentions to keep this show alive.

Supernatural will return on October 13 on the CW. It has had a change of nights to Thursday, following Legends of Tomorrow. This has been done to allow for former showrunner Carver's new show, Frequency, to get a good start following Arrow on Wednesday nights. No season finale date for Supernatural has been shared, but it will likely be in May 2017.

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