Bacon Number: Google Easter Egg Helps You Play ‘Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon’

Ever wonder how many movies it would take to connect any actor to Kevin Bacon? It may seem like a strange question, but it’s the basis for the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” And now, thanks to a new Google Easter Egg, it’s easier than ever to find someone’s bacon number.

According to PC World, Google has made it extremely easy to find someone’s bacon number. All you have to do is type “Bacon Number” into Google followed by an actors name.

For instance, “Bacon Number Tom Hanks” comes back with the result: Tom Hanks’s Bacon number is 1. Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon appeared in Apollo 13.

“Bacon Number Jack Black” returns: Jack Black’s Bacon number is 2. Jack Black and Dianne Wiest appeared in The Big Year. Dianne Wiest and Kevin Bacon appeared in Footloose.

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” is supposed to be a game of movie knowledge. This Easter Egg kind of takes the fun out of the game, but it is a great way to check your answer or to find a solution if you get stumped.

This, of course, isn’t the only Google Easter Egg. If you feel like wasting some time today try typing “Askew,” “Do A Barrel Roll,” or “Zerg Rush” into Google.

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