Kim Kardashian Divorce? Bogus Report Claims That She And Kanye Are Over

Kim Kardashian Divorce

A Kim Kardashian divorce is not in the cards, despite a false report from Radar Online. Last week, the online tabloid made the claim that Kim and Kanye’s marriage was coming to a brutal end. Radar Online falsely stated that Kardashian was “complaining to friends that her sex life with Kanye West has fizzled.”

Radar Online claimed they had multiple sources telling their publication that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been “fighting non-stop lately” and are on “the brink of a bombshell divorce.” Naturally, none of these sources have names. The online tabloid also made the incredibly vast claim that fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have also noticed the lack of public displays of affection amongst the couple.

The Kim Kardashian divorce rumor becomes more convoluted as the story goes on. Radar Online used Kanye’s solo trip to Berlin last week as grounds to claim that the reality TV couple were in major trouble. Another nameless source also stated that Kim has confided in her sisters on her supposed crippling sex life. This time the source was stated to be close to the Kardashian clan.

“Kim tells her sisters that her sex life is going to sh*t and Kanye never makes her feel sexy anymore.”

The Kim Kardashian divorce rumors make the reality star out to look like a sad and very insecure woman. The same unidentifiable source also has a lot to say, regarding Kardashian’s supposed lack in self-esteem.

“Kim needs constant validation of how beautiful she is and Kanye does tell her that. But when it comes to showing it to her by giving her affection, he really sucks.”

After the nameless source spends half of the article claiming Kanye is a bad husband to Kim, they backtrack on their statement. The unknown source then states that “There is no doubt that Kanye worships Kim.”

The Kim Kardashian divorce insider says that “Kanye even gives Kim everything that she wants,” then adding the snarky statement “except when they are in the bedroom!” Radar Online then goes on to say that “Kimye” has looked unhappy all along and then accused the stars of having a “shotgun wedding.”

The nameless source then accuses Kanye West of blaming their kids for the couple’s supposed deteriorating sex life.

“Kanye blames the kids and work for causing him to not want to have sex, but Kim is starting to get real sick of his stupid excuses.”

The Kim Kardashian divorce expert claims that Kim Kardashian “wants a husband who gives it to her on a regular basis.”

As you can imagine, the rumor regarding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s sexless marriage is anything but true. Gossip Cop, which is a website notorious for debunking celebrity rumors, came to the rescue regarding the lies surrounding the West marriage. A representative for Kim Kardashian confirmed to the tabloid-busting website that these rumors were both “nonsense” and “false.” Gossip Cop also went on to point out the multiple reasons that this “Kimye” story was untrue.

A Kim Kardashian divorce story has been a hot topic for Radar Online for several months, claims Gossip Cop. The online rumor debunking publication called out the tabloid for “spending months making it seem like a split is imminent.” Gossip Cop then points out that Radar Online flip-flopped back and fourth in their story about whether or not the Hollywood couple would be making any decisions on their marriage anytime soon. Now that the tabloid is no longer producing stories officially claiming that the Hollywood couple is breaking up, they are creating stories with divorce speculations. In pairing divorce rumors with these lack of sex life lies, the tabloid uses that as a way to get traffic on their website.

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[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Variety]