Isaiah Crowell Under Fire After ‘Disturbing, Offensive’ Instagram Post Showing Cop With Throat Cut

Isaiah Crowell waded into the Black Lives Matter debate in the worst way possible.

A Cleveland Browns running back who has had a few solid seasons with the team, Crowell may not find himself a member of the squad much longer. Isaiah Crowell’s NFL future could be in jeopardy after he took to Instagram and posted what has been judged as “offensive” by the team.

The posting Crowell put up, and has since been taken down, was a drawing of a police officer with his throat being cut. This wasn’t a cartoonish version (not that it would be any better if it were) but was a very realistic drawing. The other figure in Crowell’s image is hooded and dressed all in black.

OregonLive has a screengrab of the image that has caused so much uproar to be directed towards Crowell.

Along with the picture, Crowell posted, “they give police all kinds of weapons, and they continually choose to kill us #weak.”

Isaiah Crowell seems to have posted the picture not long after reports circulated about a couple of police involved shootings of black men in the last couple of days.

Alton Sterling in Louisana and Philando Castile in Minnesota were both shot and killed by police officers last week. Isaiah Crowell is among those people who believe they were shot in error. Crowell is apparently also among those who believe the shootings were carried out because Sterling and Castile were black.

While Crowell apparently didn’t believe his original posting was going to get much attention it did. Shortly after people started commenting about Crowell’s Instagram picture, he took it down and issued an apology. In that apology, he admitted that the week had made him extremely emotional, and he was filled with grief.

The former Georgia Bulldog said that in the middle of that grief, he posted something he shouldn’t. He added that he was both outraged and upset, but he also understands why there was such an outcry when he put the picture up.

“My values and beliefs do not match that image. I am outraged and upset by the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile along with so many others. I am also outraged and saddened by the attacks in Dallas and the deaths of the five honorable police officers who were providing protection while trying to keep peace.”

The New York Daily News reports the team has spoken to Crowell about his post. In a statement, the Cleveland Browns said they found his comments “extremely disturbing.

“It was completely inappropriate and we have made him aware of our high level of disappointment. Isaiah has apologized but also knows that just an apology is insufficient and that he must take steps to make a positive difference after a very negative and impactful post,” the team said.

If there was one thing that has likely made it so Crowell can stay on the team, it is that he seems to have genuine remorse for the posting. Crowell leading the team in rushing a season ago will also likely help his cause when it comes to dealing with the issue.

There is also an understanding from some about just why Crowell was so angry he put a posting up that would enrage so many. Even the doctor who operated on the officers gunned down during the Dallas Black Lives Matter rally said he understood the fear that many other black people feel when they are approached by officers of the law.

Having said that, Crowell clearly crossed the line with a picture of a police officer getting his throat slit. Isaiah Crowell seems to have learned that he did cross a line and is truly sorry for having done it.

[Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]