Farrah Abraham Slammed Over Using 'Black Lives Matter' And Dallas Tragedies To Garner Attention On Instagram

Farrah Abraham is always trying to keep herself in the headlines. From posting provocative photos of her daughter, to celebrity Twitter feuds, there isn't much she won't do. With the recent tragedies in Dallas, Louisiana, and Minnesota, Abraham has decided to cash in on the media spotlight. Because of what she did, there are plenty of critics calling her out on Instagram. Abraham isn't paying any attention to those trolling her, but she is enjoying all of the attention it is bringing her.

On Sunday, Farrah Abraham posted a photo of her daughter with a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. She mentioned the recent incidents and the "Black Lives Matter" movement. According to Wetpaint, Farrah Abraham is under fire for the Instagram post. She has been called out for using the tragedies to keep her name in headlines, and also criticized for using an image of her daughter looking way older than she actually is. This has been a big problem in recent months, especially since Sophia is now at an age where she will start to crave attention. If these photos Abraham keeps allowing get into the wrong hands, Sophia could find herself in a potentially dangerous situation.

People are disgusted with Farrah Abraham using these tragedies for personal gain. She is famous for her appearances on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG. Abraham also had a sex tape released, which led to more adult business opportunities. Abraham isn't above doing what she can to make sure it furthers her career, even if it uses something that people care deeply about. She has no rules when it comes to money and celebrity status, which is why she is one of the most controversial Teen Mom stars.

Recently, Farrah Abraham came under fire for her overly adult-like photos of her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia. She has decided to get her into modeling, which has led to some questionable photo shoots. Abraham is constantly telling everyone that Sophia is a younger version of herself, looks and all. Teen Mom OG viewers have criticized the way she parents her daughter, especially after learning how much money she gave her when she lost her first tooth. Abraham often puts her daughter into situations that are too much for a child and when she is criticized, she retaliates.

As of now, Farrah Abraham hasn't said anything in response to the backlash of her using the recent tragedies and the "Black Lives Matter" movement to garner attention. She will likely sweep it under the rug and move on with whatever project she has going on next. Abraham has always been a bit of a diva, never really apologizing for anything she has done wrong. The way she treats other is apparent in the way she talks to her parents and her significant other. After throwing plenty of fits and getting what she wants at every turn, Abraham has turned out to be the person she is today.

A new season of Teen Mom OG will begin airing next month and Farrah Abraham will be on it. There was some speculation that after the way things ended last season that she would not return. Abraham assaulted a producer after he declined her request to tape another show. He deemed it was too similar to Teen Mom OG and would be in breach of contract. Abraham lost it. After appearing on the reunion show, she seemed more apologetic, but likely only because she was planning to tape another season. Last week, Dr. Drew made a comment about strangling Farrah Abraham and that sent her off. At this point, she may be done in the world of reality television.

[Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]