Miley Cyrus Makes Liam Hemsworth Love Instagram — And Tattoo — Official Amid Wedding Woes?

Are wedding bells about to ring for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth despite her concerns? Cyrus reportedly is planning to tie the knot with Hemsworth in an extravagant summer wedding ceremony, but is feeling “antsy” about the situation, an insider told Radar Online.

“The wedding is going as planned and will be happening soon. But Miley is getting really, really antsy.”

The cause of those hesitations comes from the relationship issues that the “Wrecking Ball” singer has with Liam.

Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus planning a summer wedding?
“She and Liam are not seeing eye-to-eye on things right now and she is starting to realize that she could be living a lie for the rest of her life!” added the source.

The couple has gone through a series of ups and downs in their romance. When Hemsworth split up with Cyrus in 2013, breaking off their engagement, she was heartbroken. But Liam had a reason for the breakup.

“When Liam left her the first time, he wanted her to grow up and she has in a lot of ways,” clarified the insider.

Can Miley Cyrus fit the image of a "squeaky clean housewife," or is there a disconnect with Liam?
Not everyone close to them believes that the romance can last the second time around. After reuniting in December, 2015, Hemsworth and Cyrus faced doubts from her family as well as her friends. Despite those doubters, Miley has sought to alter her image, according to the source.

“Miley has been doing everything that she can to change her image to fit into what Liam wants her to be. Unfortunately, no one thinks this is going to last, because you can never change who you are to fit what a man wants you to be!”

Moreover, there’s a disconnect between how Liam envisions his ideal wife and how Miley foresees her future. Although she has learned to be calmer, the singer is not prepared to live a stay-at-home life complete with children.

“[Miley is still] not ready to settle down and have kids,” revealed the insider. “Liam seems to want Miley to be this squeaky clean housewife and she just is not.”

All of this adds up to wedding woes, even though Cyrus continues to love Hemsworth.

“There is no doubt that she is madly in love with him. But this marriage has disaster written all over it!” predicted the insider.

Despite all those worries about the wedding, Cyrus previously made her love for Hemsworth Instagram official in the cutest way. The singer posted a photo on Instagram in which she was sporting a T-shirt that read “Hemsworth,” noted People.

Adding to the love hint, Miley used three cats with heart eyes emoji for her caption.

What comes after turning to Instagram to show off a romance? If you’re Cyrus, it’s a tattoo that makes it even more official.

While Miley might have taken a cue from her T-shirt and just emblazoned “Hemsworth” across her arm, the singer decided to play it coy, getting a tattoo of Liam’s favorite snack, Vegemite, reported USA Today.

“@mileycyrus don’t play when it comes to #vegemite,” read the caption, posted by the Shamrock Social Club’s Dr. Woo.

As to why all of those in-the-know are concluding that the food tattoo honors Hemsworth, Liam has confessed his love for the product, revealing that he once “lived on” Vegemite. The actor even showed Kelly Ripa how to enjoy the snack (the secret is in adding a tiny bit of butter).

Hemsworth also previously gushed about his favorite foods in an interview, noted E! News, which also reported that fans are assuming Miley’s new tattoo celebrates her love for her boyfriend.

“Meat Pies and Vegemite. They don’t really have meat pies in the states; they have hot chicken pies, not meat pies,” revealed Liam. “Vegemite, definitely, I had four bits of Vegemite toast this morning!”

No word yet on whether Vegemite will be featured at their wedding feast.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]