Tom Hiddleston Dodges Taylor Swift Romance Questions: Already Tired Of ‘Clingy’ Gal Pal?

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift succeeded in going from zero to 100 almost overnight with their romance, already known as “Hiddleswift.” But that doesn’t mean that Hiddleston has any desire to answer questions about the courtship, as he made clear when a journalist attempted to interview him about Swift, pointed out Us Weekly.

Given the choice, Tom would rather jog than be interviewed, as he showed when he was attempting to take a run in Broadbeach, Australia. But despite his desire to dodge questions while exercising, Hiddleston did not forget his manners.

Tom Hiddleston has become known for his sudden romance with Taylor Swift. Tom Hiddleston has become known for his sudden romance with Taylor Swift. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]Hayley Webb of Nine News was the one to approach Tom. Hiddleston is in Australia to shoot Thor: Ragnarok, already earning buzz from fans excited to watch the actor re-create his role as Loki, and Webb came up to him as he tried to slip smoothly from his penthouse residence out onto the streets for a jog in the morning.

“How is Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?” questioned the perky Hayley.

Hiddleston showed his desire to hold onto his manners while evading the query.

“Uh, I … I’m not going to answer that,” he began, hastily politely adding, “if that’s all right.”

Whether or not it was all right did not matter, because Hiddleston ran away from questions on a jog that lasted for an hour. However, Webb showed her persistence, ready with more questions about “Hiddleswift.”

“What are you and your girlfriend looking forward to doing on the Gold Coast?” the reporter asked Tom.

That was the point where a now perspiring Hiddleston, weary after his hour-long run, showed his frustration with the repeated questions about his girlfriend.

“I don’t know,” Tom snapped back.

But then, once again, Hiddleston attempted to be polite.

“It’s just good to be back,” added the actor.

Adding to the tension, a growing group of fans were flocked around Tom’s temporary home. The “Blank Space” singer is residing there with Hiddleston. And even though she did not appear, fans were thrilled to observe the actor in all his post-run sweaty glory.

With some Swifties driving for hours, hoping to view “Hiddleswift,” Hiddleston did take time to pose for pictures and meet with his girlfriend’s fan club.

The couple also were observed holding hands and smiling happily on a dinner date at an Italian restaurant, Gemelli. An observer of the romantic evening told Us that the lovebirds showed their affection.

“Tom looked smitten with her as they talked softly and she giggled a lot. They were beaming as they gave warm smiles to onlookers, like any new couple who just can’t hide their feelings for each other.”

Australian media outlets have enjoyed describing every aspect of “Hiddleswift’s” presence on the Gold Coast.

“We’ve got a bit of a match made in heaven here,” gushed Sunrise reporter Shaun White. “It all happened so fast, it was like a ‘Love Story,’ one of her songs.”

Is Taylor Swift already planning her future with Tom Hiddleston? Is Taylor Swift already planning her future with Tom Hiddleston? [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]Prior to Australia, “Hiddleswift” was spotted in Rome, Nashville (where Tom met the singer’s parents), and England (where she met Hiddleston’s relatives).

“[Hiddleswift is] the real deal,” a source told E! News. “They laugh and travel well together. These past few weeks, they have learned many things about each other…she is getting very attached.”

Moreover, the insider revealed that the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer is already envisioning marriage and children.

“This is the kind of a man she would want to marry. She has said he would make a great dad.”

But are all those public displays of affection and talk of the future too much for Hiddleston to handle? Page Six cites sources reporting that Tom already is “tired” of his “clingy” girlfriend.

As for all those pictures showing the public displays of affection, the insiders revealed that it was Swift who set up the PDA photos. One observer watched as “camera-fatigued” Tom slipped off to enjoy a beer with male pals.

“He seems to get tired of the endless Instagram photo ops after, like, the third hour in the water,” commented one of the insiders.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]