‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Is Upset About Being Called A Flirt, Zakiyah Discusses A Crush, Paul Talks Bronte, Corey Is Ready to Out Natalie [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 game talk and colorful discussion went well into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, as Paulie, Zakiyah, and Paul were seen and heard on live feeds conversing about several house issues. Paulie expressed how he dislikes being given an unfavorable label by other houseguests, Zakiyah discussed her observations regarding a possible crush, Paul offered an opinion about Bronte, and Corey is fed up with Natalie's behavior.

Paulie and Zakiyah are slowly, but surely developing a sweet showmance in the Big Brother 18 house, nonetheless, it appears some houseguests still believe Paulie flirts with other female cast members. According to Joker's Updates, Paulie told Zakiyah and Paul that Natalie and Bronte said he is "such a flirt," which seemed to upset him greatly. Paulie didn't like them calling his character into question, saying, he is a "genuine person, like his brother," Season 16 Big Brother houseguest, Cody.

Paulie added that he really wanted Natalie out of the house as soon as Victor walked out the door, Joker's Updates reports. He, along with Zakiyah and Paul said they believe Natalie is manipulative and is easily controlling James, who appears to be tremendously smitten by her. They all agreed that James is truly a nice guy, and that Natalie wouldn't hesitate to throw him under the bus, so that is the reason Natalie has to "get cut." All three came to a consensus that "Natalie is using" and taking advantage of James.

Zakiyah has also been observing the Paul and Bronte situation and told Paul, "I think Bronte low key has a crush on you," Joker's Updates reports. Paul seemed to be surprised by her observation. Paul then stated Bronte's favorite hobby is shopping and called her "spoiled."

As already reported by The Inquisitr, the relationship between Paul and Bronte may not be genuine on Bronte's part, as Bronte told Natalie on Monday she would never date Paul because of his image. She also noted how flirting is an amazing tool in the Big Brother 18 house; thus, Bronte may be taking a chapter from Natalie's book and being flirty with Paul to keep him as an ally.
Corey joined in on the conversation and talk turned to Natalie once again, Joker's Updates reports. Corey stated Natalie uses her "flirtiness and it's working," to which Paulie noted, she's not the "first fake pretty girl" to give him a compliment. Paulie went on to say that what's going on between Natalie and James has to be "cut off, before it's too late and he takes it personal…"
Corey offered to talk to James about it, and Paulie agreed, but said "they can do it as a unit," according to Joker's Updates. Corey than further revealed that Natalie told him she is attracted to him and she "wanted him [Corey] before the other guys" she eventually went after in the Big Brother 18 house, Joker's Updates reports.
Earlier, in a conversation with Nicole in the Have Not room, Corey told Nicole he wants to talk to James and break up the showmance between he and Natalie, similar to what happened with Victor and Natalie, according to TV Grapevine. Nicole was perplexed by this notion, but Corey went on to explain that on Monday Natalie said to him, "Corey, you are so sexy" after Michelle joked he was "hot." Corey added Natalie is persistent and James needs to know.
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Corey had already told Nicole that Natalie came to him saying she didn't really like James. He thought about telling James, but he didn't want to hurt his feelings. Corey also said he doesn't like Natalie and wanted her gone the first day they were in the house.

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