June 29, 2017
‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Tiffany Tries To Save Her Game And Plays Prank, Bronte Embraces Flirting, But With Limits [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 live feeds Monday night did not disappoint, as viewers were able to witness Tiffany trying to converse and make connections with her fellow houseguests, even engaging in a harmless prank. In addition, Bronte revealed to one cast member in her alliance how flirting is amazing and offered up her true feelings about another houseguest.

As was revealed on Sunday night's Big Brother 18 episode, the week 3 Head of Household (HOH), Bridgette, nominated both Paul and Tiffany for eviction. Viewers also witnessed the Big Brother Road Kill competition, which was won by Frank, and his nomination of Bronte to sit on the chopping block alongside Paul and Tiffany.

Tiffany, being an eviction nominee, is clearly concerned about her safety in the Big Brother 18 house, and was seen late Monday actively engaging in conversations and a playful prank. She is likely trying to do whatever she can to avoid being voted out of the game Thursday night, but some of those she tried to connect with were not altogether receptive.
In many of her discussions, especially with Michelle, it seemed as though Tiffany may be optimistic about her chances of remaining in the Big Brother 18 house and is actually planning to be around after the live eviction show. According to Joker's Updates, Tiffany spoke of a final three with Michelle, which would also include Da'Vonne.
Tiffany then walked out to the backyard to make small talk and encountered Corey and Frank, commenting that Corey's shoes are for "old" people, Joker's Updates reports. Additionally, she and Corey played catch with an orange. Following that interaction, Tiffany joined several people in the Nairobi room of the Big Brother 18 house, however, Nicole and Paulie left the room shortly thereafter.

At one point, Joker's Updates notes that Tiffany commented to Michelle that she feels as though every time she enters a room, Nicole quickly leaves.

Subsequent to that, Tiffany recruited Michelle to join her in a prank to scare James. Michelle decided to lure James into the Nairobi room and act as though she was super sad and missing home. James took the bait, walked into the room, and began consoling Michelle. Tiffany then jumped out to scare him, but unfortunately, he did not react and left the room, according to Joker's Updates.
Later, Joker's Updates reports, Tiffany tried to "get James to appreciate" her prank, but he ignored her efforts. She then went on to speak "…about her scare attempt" to Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Nicole, but they just weren't "interested," according to Joker's Updates.

Also Monday night, Bronte spoke to Natalie about her true feelings regarding Paul. From the first week that live feeds were broadcasting from inside the Big Brother 18 house, Paul could be seen often lingering wherever Bronte was, at times rubbing her arm, and generally appearing to really like her. Whether he has a possible showmance on his mind or not, Joker's Updates reports that Bronte apparently does not.

According to Joker's Updates, Bronte said to one of her closest allies, Natalie, "It's amazing what flirting can do for you." Natalie wholeheartedly agreed with Bronte, which is no surprise since Natalie is in a pseudo-showmance, best described as a flirtmance, with James, as previously reported by The Inquistr.
Bronte continued telling Natalie that she would never date Paul. She added that she just does not like his image. Thus, it seems as if Bronte may not be above flirting with Paul, as she likely knows he fancies her, but she clearly has no intentions of their twosome going any further than that. Nonetheless, Bronte does not want to alienate Paul, as he is an ally and continues to keep Bronte informed about whatever he finds out regarding house happenings, reports TV Grapevine.

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