Dad Eats Dinner Under Blanket To Support Breastfeeding Moms, Shares Video Of Experience

One dad is showing his support to breastfeeding moms everywhere, and is showing just how absurd it is to ask a mother to put a blanket over her infant’s head while breastfeeding.

According to People Magazine, Brock Smith, of Naples, Florida, was recently out eating dinner with his wife, Lauren, and two small children when his 2-month-old daughter started getting upset because she was having to be breastfed under a blanket.

“This evening was abnormally hot, and our daughter Everly was having a rough time latching to my wife because she was hot and uncomfortable under the cover,” Smith said. “So my wife says, ‘Well Brock, would you like to eat underneath a blanket!?’ So, trying to find the fun in everything, I threw a blanket over my head for the rest of my meal and dessert.”

Smith was sick of his daughter having to hide while she ate and decided to do something to show just how ridiculous it is to expect a baby to eat under a blanket. He then took a blanket and placed it over his head and continued to eat, or attempt to eat, the rest of his food. As many would expect, it wasn’t the easiest of experiences; not only did Brock have trouble drinking his drink, he also fumbled with his utensils, prompting him to say he should just go “eat in the toilet.”

Lauren, Brock’s wife, caught the entire moment on video, and later that evening, she and Brock shared it on their Facebook page. Watch the video, which has now been viewed over 18,000 times, below.