Is Bravo Going To Cancel ‘Southern Charm?’ What Are The Top Reasons

Perhaps it’s the thought of going out on a high note, or maybe it’s a case of buyer’s remorse, but just as another season of Southern Charm has ended, there is buzz of cancelation or at the very least, talk that certain cast members have had enough of the #hotmessexpress. And nobody could deny that when it comes to things getting hot and sticky in the south, the third season of Southern Charm went above and beyond anything that Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner could could have ever concocted, even with several shots of absinthe (or maybe meth). Perhaps even the promise of an easy paycheck to hang with your bros is not worth it at some point, and maybe Peter Pan (some of them, not all) eventually must grow up in the land of Southern Charm, Charleston.

According to the Inquisitr, the cast member who promises to quit Southern Charm each and every season is Thomas Ravenel, and who could blame him? Through his dalliance with Whitney Sudler-Smith and Bravo, he has tanked any chance of ever holding public office again, and that might include Charleston City dog catcher. He almost escaped with a speck of dignity despite being the worst dinner part host in Southern Charm history (and that included Cameran moving meat from one plate to another to please Patricia) and then learning that he shaved all of his body hair for court before a drug test. You are toast, dude. But each season, Ravenel is back, like the boy who cried wolf, and it is hard to imagine why. Unlike some of the other cast members, who according to Ravenel only have income from their mom and dad, Ravenel has an income (in addition to what he gets from his family). So why keep doing this to yourself, and more importantly, to your kids?

Bravo Watch came up with a whole list of reasons that Southern Charm will be canceled and won’t be back for a fourth season. While some of the reasons given were just ridiculous, like that Whitney Sudler-Smith has a serious relationship that will take his focus away from Southern Charm (that’s like saying that Craig’s intense law career is taking up too much of his time), others are valid, like a lack of Southern Charm story lines within a very shallow pool of people. Cameran has nothing, other than to have a baby story line that seemed like grasping, Shep is still Shep, Patricia is still drinking, and Whitney is playing air guitar in his room at his mom’s house.

Then there is Thomas Ravenel, who said he was quitting, as Bravo pays peanuts and ruins people’s lives. Most fans of Southern Charm would say that Ravenel played a pretty big role in his own demise, and recall again, that he quits each season. That, and once again, Ravenel did a Tweet and delete.

But two other hints at the end of Southern Charm are a bit more valid. Cameran tweeted goodbye and included a slide show, and perhaps she will add Southern Charm to Real World and Girls Gone Wild as things she regrets. Then there is Landon, who seems to have realized that she was just another pawn in the Kathryn/Thomas game, as instead of toasting the show with the rest of the cast, she sat there with her arms crossed, having a hissy fit.

But All About The Tea says that Cameran Eubanks has not decided whether or not to leave Southern Charm. Cameran was said to have tweeted a message to fans and just shared some of her favorite personal photos.

“It’s been a fun ride! I love y’all!”

But absolutely no mention of jumping ship from Bravo or Southern Charm.

And anyway, Bravo has not yet made any decisions on whether or not to add a fourth season of Southern Charm to the roster of shows.

“Bravo has not made any official announcement about the future of the show [Southern Charm]. I have not heard any talk of Cameran leaving.”

Do you think there is enough of a story line for Southern Charm to continue with a fourth season?

[Photo by Bravo]