‘The Walking Dead’ Major Spoiler Leaked: Negan Kills Another Main Character

The Walking Dead has just let another major character go from the epic series created by Robert Kirkman. For fans that have been following The Walking Dead TV show on AMC and have been anxiously awaiting the first episode of Season 7 of the show, the comic book series slipped in another major event while you were distracted.

For those who have been reading The Walking Dead comic books, then you already knew ahead of time that the arrival of Negan was bad news for Glenn on The Walking Dead TV show. The comic books for The Walking Dead have already spoiled that much for you. But with the finale episode of Season 6, there is clear evidence that they will be straying from the comic book material.

But now, The Walking Dead comic book series just dropped another major shocker that is destined to make its way to the AMC show in a future season, and fans will get another dose of nail biting tension when The Walking Dead films this scene as well.

So now that you are far enough down in the article to know that if you do not want a MAJOR SPOILER for The Walking Dead comic book and TV show, you should stop reading right now. The details that follow will spoil the storyline on The Walking Dead for you in a major way, according to Screen Rant.

Okay, so you are still reading and there is a good chance that you have already read issue 156 of The Walking Dead comic book series, which is the most recent issue, and there is a major plot twist to it. But for those who need a refresher, Negan has already escaped his confinement in Alexandria, but not before he found out some key information about the new group they have encountered, The Whisperers. Soon after his escape, Negan has embedded himself within The Whisperers and gotten quite close to their group leader, the Alpha.

Here is one of those things that fans may not know about Negan yet on The Walking Dead. Even though he seems to be a stone cold killer, he is more of a reasonable man than most might think. Negan has a code, so to speak, but he will kill any character he comes into contact with without even thinking twice.

Therein lies his current dilemma on The Walking Dead comic book. Even though Negan has been able to embed himself within The Whisperers on The Walking Dead, he does not see them as the kind of group that can work toward a better, more civilized society. Negan still stays with them though, out of contempt for Rick Grimes and his need to get even with his former captor. But when Negan witnesses two members of The Whisperers nearly rape another person in their group, he loses his marbles. It goes against his code and that leads to him having a confrontation with The Whisperers Alpha.

The two Walking Dead characters cannot seem to meet eye to eye on the subject and in a sudden plot twist, Negan shockingly kills the Alpha and beheads her, leaving himself as the possible leader of The Whisperers.

One can almost imagine how this plays out, which seems to echo the same events that led to the end of the Governor and the fall of the prison on The Walking Dead in Season 4. Negan’s storyline seems to be walking down that same path and if history has shown anything, Rick Grimes will kill Negan, but not without some major collateral damage of his own.

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns to AMC this fall and The Walking Dead issue 157 of the comic book arrives on August 3.

[Image via AMC]