‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Barbara Evans’ Special ‘Being Barbara’ Airs Tonight On MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans know Barbara Evans as the most meme-friendly cast member in the history of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise. According to Starcasm, this secondary character from Teen Mom 2 has landed her very own special on MTV. Tonight at 9 p.m. EST, MTV will air Teen Mom 2 star Barbara Evans’ special, Being Barbara. For Teen Mom 2, fans who cannot get enough of Jenelle’s crazy mother, this is bound to be a special they are not going to want to miss.

Barb, Jenelle’s oddly accented mother, has starred in several different web series in the past. It would appear as if MTV is keeping to the usual trend when airing a special on a specific character from the Teen Mom franchise. Teen Mom fans may remember Being Maci, Being Farrah, and Being Amber, which were all MTV specials featuring a single character from the Teen Mom franchise in order to catch fans up on the lives of the girls and their children.

Unlike Bae for Babs and Barbara Breaks It Down, it appears as if MTV has decided to make Being Barbara look a lot like a regular episode of Teen Mom 2.

In one of the four different sneak peek clips MTV posted of Being Barbara, Barbara talks to Jenelle about her desire to have a special friend. She said she would like a special friend with benefits if it happens. She, however, made it clear that the extra benefits were not her primary concern. Jenelle uses the opportunity to suggest that her mother should consider focusing on dating and enjoying her life “without any distractions.” Obviously, Jenelle was referring to her son Jace, who her mother Barbara currently has custody of.

“Wouldn’t you be more happier if you could come home and be like, ‘I can do whatever I want?'” Jenelle asks her mother.

Barbara refuses to discuss the topic with Jenelle. Teen Mom 2 fans are no stranger to the fact that Barbara does not really want to give Jace back to his mother.

In another sneak peek clip, one of the producers of Teen Mom 2 sits down with Barbara in order to help her figure out how to use dating apps that are suited for older women.

“I don’t want these dudes,” Barb says as she scans the man on the dating app. “Look, they’re all gruffy lookin’! How come they’re all into sex, man? They wanna know, ‘Have ya eva had sex on a wata bed or a house boat?'”

Barbara Evans does not appear to be as into the idea of having a friend with benefits as she had her daughter believing in the first sneak peek. She clearly isn’t too thrilled with the men who are being featured on the dating app she was looking at with the producer.

In the third sneak peek clip, Barbara Evans is introduced to manscaping. The producer informs Barbara that times have changed and men are just as interested in keeping a clean shave in certain areas as women are. Barbara appeared to be shocked to learn this piece of information.

In the fourth and final sneak peek, Barbara goes on a shopping spree at a used clothing store with her other daughter, Ashleigh. She tries on a number of dresses before finding one she likes. Teen Mom 2 fans will notice Barbara sporting her blue jeans around her ankles while she tries on the various dresses. Ashleigh even makes a comment about her pants falling down. It is possible she is indirectly trying to point out how odd her mother’s method of trying on clothing is.

Will you be tuning into the Being Barbara special on MTV tonight? It airs at 9 p.m. EST tonight.

[Image via MTV]