John Oliver Addresses YouTube Trolls In ‘Last Week Tonight’ Web Exclusive

John Oliver addresses YouTube comments in his latest web exclusive for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

As Business Insider reports, the satiric news show won’t be airing any new episodes for a couple of weeks, so these web exclusives are essentially a filler until the next new episode. That doesn’t make these videos any less hilarious.

Of course, he had to kick things off with a subtle insult at the comments section of YouTube in general (anyone who has spent time there is well aware of the spelling and grammar travesties that plague it).

“Our fanmail comes in the form of YouTube comments, the most cogent written argument for never learning how to read,” Oliver says.

John Oliver addresses YouTube trolls effortlessly
The comments aren’t all hatred however. Oliver points out one comment that reads, “John Oliver has magnificent eyebrows.”

“No one has ever called any part of my body ‘magnificent.’ Ever,” Oliver jokes. “Sorry, Cara Delevingne, I’m the new queen of eyebrow thickness.”

Things on YouTube rarely stay that positive for long, as many know. Oliver addresses one YouTube comment, whose writer thinks the host “looks like a mix between a Pokemon and a child molester.”

“There is already a mix between a Pokemon and a child molester, and it’s called Gengar,” Oliver insists, naming the dark purple Pokemon, which does indeed look like something from a horror movie. “Look at that creep!”

Additional comments label Oliver “unfunny” and attempt to insult him by pointing out how old he looks. One viewer calls the show “uniquely boring,” which Oliver sees as a compliment.

“Again, it’s not an insult. For something to be both unique and boring is a true feat,” Oliver replies.

Of course, John Oliver saves the best internet troll for last.

“John Oliver, I bet you 1 zillion dollars that you won’t feature this comment in a video,” the comment reads.

“Well, touche, anonymous YouTube user. Pay up! As for the rest of you, I will see you never. I don’t need this **** anymore. I’m a zillionaire now!” Oliver proclaims.

John Oliver quickly made a name for himself when he appeared as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which held the same premise of news delivered with comedy and satire, for seven years. When he replaced Stewart for one episode, the audience loved him and HBO offered him Last Week Tonight.

John Oliver addresses YouTube trolls effortlessly
He and Stewart, whom Oliver considers a mentor, have created an avenue where even the toughest news stories are brought to the millennial audience in a format that’s understandable and entertaining.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year, Oliver talked about his admiration for Jon Stewart and how much he feels he owes the 53-year-old, who left The Daily Show in 2015 after hosting for 16 years.

“… The show I do now, I definitely would not be doing without him. Not just because I wouldn’t have ever been given the opportunity to do it, but because I wouldn’t know how! He taught me how to do everything that I do now. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to do it. So it’s hard to overstate the extent to which I owe him everything.

“He’s one of the funniest people who have done television in the last two decades. He’s the best person to have ever done this version of comedy on television, in my mind. I don’t think there has ever been anyone better, and I don’t think there ever will be anyone better.”

Prepare your worst comments for John Oliver, YouTube trolls. He’ll need some more of you to mock after Last Week Tonight returns to HBO on Sunday, July 24.

[Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP Images]