July 11, 2016
Meghan King Edmonds Undergoes Scary Injections On 'RHOC,' Explains Her Decision To Share Her Story

Meghan King Edmonds and her husband, Jim, shared their journey into parenthood with fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County during the show's 11th season.

After nearly two years of marriage, Meghan King Edmonds is expecting her first child, but unfortunately, the path she was forced to take to get there wasn't exactly ideal. Due to Jim's vasectomy and decision to have his sperm frozen, Meghan King Edmonds took the route of in-vitro fertilization to get pregnant and during Season 11, fans are seeing the ups and downs of the sometimes painful process.

"Jimmy is away in Florida for spring training so I'm making a video diary for him," Meghan King Edmonds explains to the cameras in a sneak peek of tonight's new episode, via Bravo TV. "I mean I'm literally facing my biggest fear in life, which is needles and Jimmy isn't with me again."

"I'm so scared. I keep trying to tell myself, 'Baby, baby, baby,'" she continues.

The sneak peek also featured Meghan King Edmonds inserting a needle into her stomach as she attempts to fight back tears. Then, once the process was complete, she speaks of how proud she is of herself for overcoming her fear.

After filming on the series wrapped earlier this year, Meghan King Edmonds confirmed she and her husband were expecting a baby, and she is now about five months along.

"I'm so over the moon, I couldn't believe it the first time I peed on a stick and I saw that little line kind of get a little darker," Meghan King Edmonds revealed to People Magazine last month. "I've always dreamed of this, but it's still such a miracle. I can't even describe the feeling."

"We went through IVF and fortunately we got pregnant the first time," Edmonds continued of the grueling ordeal. "It was just such a long process with the IVF, step by step by step with so much information."

During IVF, Meghan King Edmonds' drug stimulation injections, which were seen on the show, led her to experience major swelling in her ovaries, which was said to have enlarged the organs to the size of grapefruits.

"I was swollen and in pain and it hurt to even sit straight up. It was awful. And then the recovery from that was hard," she admitted.

Now, Meghan King Edmonds is focused on the positive parts of pregnancy, including her thicker backside.

"I'm so excited. I finally have a bum! For the first time in my life I can twerk," she joked.

Ahead of tonight's new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan King Edmonds shared a message to fans, explaining her decision to candidly share her journey.

"I wanted my IVF journey to be shown to the world in order to show my reality that is this crazy IVF thing," she wrote on July 11. "I want to humanize the process and bring awareness to infertility (although I am lucky enough not to suffer from it). It's an isolating experience often accompanied by ugly emotions.... I'm going to post more IVF stuff on @meghansivfjourney for my incredible IVF community and any others. It'll stay private to protect very young eyes."

Meghan King Edmonds' first child is due around the holidays.

For more of Meghan King Edmonds and her husband, tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 airing this and every Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo and check out a sneak peek of tonight's new episode below.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]