Snoop Dogg’s ‘Family Feud’ Fail: Watch Him Get The Wrong Answer To A Weed-Related Question

Snoop Dogg experienced a Family Feud fail when he got the wrong answer to a weed-related question on the show’s celebrity series played for charity.

Snoop Dogg and weed go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are a few certainties in this universe, but one we thought we could count on was that Snoop Dogg is the world’s leading expert on all things marijuana-related.

The man even has his own strains of marijuana, Leafs by Snoop, and various lines of edibles, vapes, and rolling papers. Snoop founded his own media company (Merry Jane), his own weed-themed show, book, business – you name it, he’s got it.

So what did this weed expert get wrong on Family Feud?

Billboard reported that Snoop Dogg appeared on Sunday night’s (July 10) episode of Celebrity Family Feud. Surprisingly, the rapper and noted marijuana aficionado’s answer to a weed-related question was not ranked as high as his component, ex-boxer Sugar Ray Leonard’s answer. The loss caused him to hand over advantage of the round to Leonard’s team.

What was the question you ask?

“Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana.”

Snoop immediately buzzed in with “put hands on him/beat him,” which was the number four most popular answer on the board. However, Leonard’s answer, “She would scream at him,” was number two on the board.

As soon as the word “marijuana” was said as Steve Harvey read the question, Snoop Dogg’s hand immediately went for the buzzer. Maybe he should have taken a moment to think it through a bit more?

Even the show’s host, Steve Harvey, looked surprised during Snoop Dogg’s Family Feud fail moment, given Snoop’s notorious expertise in the area.

Sure, the thought of Grandma slapping Grandpa upside the head for smoking a doobie is a humorous mental image, but Family Feud usually doesn’t go for the funny when there’s a better answer in play.

Funny enough, the actual answer as expressed by the Family Feud board was “Beat His Old Arse.”

To be fair, that is pretty close to his answer!

Check out the video to see Snoop’s hilarious fail.

Snoop Dogg’s Family Feud fail caused Snoop fans, marijuana advocates, and other viewers to post comments on social media.

Were you surprised by Snoop Dogg’s Family Feud fail? What would you have guessed given that marijuana-related question?

As embarrassing as that may have been for Snoop, it wasn’t as bad as one of his “Fast Money” answers. Host Steve Harvey gave Snoop a fill in the blank question.

“Fill in the blank, ‘Pie in the…”

Snoop replied without hesitation, “Horse.”

Um, what? Maybe he was just a little too out of it.

Even though Snoop got zero points for that hilarious answer, he and his team were still able to win $25,000 for his charity.

Prior to Snoop’s Family Feud fail, he had been very involved with the tragedies that have occurred throughout out the week. Surrounding the controversy with police shootings, Snoop Dogg and fellow rapper Game look to make peace in the community by live streaming them speaking to police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Snoop Dogg streamed the conversation live on his Facebook page and shared it with his millions of fans and followers.

If anything, Snoop Dogg can utilize the media attention he is receiving because he got the answer to a weed-related question wrong on Family Feud to draw attention to the bigger issue that requires the entire nation’s attention.

You can re-watch the streamed video of Snoop Dogg and the LAPD on Snoop Dogg’s Facebook page and share with your friends and followers.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]