‘Return To Amish’ News: Is Kate Stoltz Dating Her Plastic Surgeon?

On the latest episode of Return to Amish, they talked discussed whether Kate Stoltz is dating someone or not. She was out with some other people she works with, and they asked her more than once if she has someone special in her life. At the time, Kate Stoltz shared that she was single. They talked about going out and finding men, but Kate didn’t really act super interested.

In the previews for upcoming episodes, it shows that Kate Stoltz is upset that she keeps getting asked this question, and she doesn’t want to talk about her dating life. Being on reality television, everyone wants to know the details of her life. Enstarz shared all about the rumors that Kate was dating her plastic surgeon and how it just might be true.

Kate Stoltz has obviously had someone special in her life recently. She shared the news that there was someone in her life on Valentine’s Day with a post that showed off flowers she said were from her “sweetheart.” Of course, Kate Stoltz didn’t reveal who sent her the flowers. This would have all been around the time that they were filming the show as well.

The rumors are that Kate Stoltz’s boyfriend just might be the same doctor who performed the rhinoplasty surgery to repair her deviated septum. His name is Dr. Robert Morin, and he is a lot older than Kate Stoltz, which would make sense the way they were talking about the guy she was pictured with being older than her. Morin has a charity called Developing Faces, and Kate has been pictured working with him on this charity. They even went to Guatemala together to help out people who can’t afford surgery.

So far, Kate Stoltz is avoiding talking about her man and won’t even admit she is dating someone. The show was filmed a while back, and it really did look like they were close at one time. Whether Kate is still with him or if they were ever actually dating is still unknown, and everyone would love to hear the details straight from Kate Stoltz, but she doesn’t seem to want to talk about it all. They were close at one time even if they were not dating. If Kate has someone else in her life other than him, she isn’t sharing those details with fans either.

As 2 Paragraphs shared, Kate Stoltz is saying that joining the show was one of the worst decisions of her life. Kate is now a model and a fashion designer, and being on reality television did help her to get her foot in the door. Kate could have done it without the show, but it might not have been near as easy for her to handle. While on Twitter, Kate shared her thoughts on being on reality television.

“Doing a reality show was one of the worst decisions I made in my life. Everything on the show is so edited and out of context.

“Being on a reality show is like overhearing people talk about you, and they have their information all wrong… And you can’t do anything.”

Do you think that Kate Stoltz is dating her plastic surgeon? Do you feel like she should just come clean about it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Return to Amish on Sunday nights on TLC. If Kate decides to talk about her love life, it will come out on this season of the show. So far, there is no word if the show will be back for another season or not.

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