Duggar Divorce Rumors: Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Headed For Split?

A Duggar divorce between Jim Bob and Michelle might be underway. In a recent issue of Life and Style, speculations were made about the couple’s deteriorating marriage, reported the International Business Times.

Ever since Josh Duggar confessed to molesting five underaged girls and being unfaithful to his wife, Jim Bob and Michelle have also suffered the consequences of their troubled son’s actions. Life and Style recently wrote in their print publication that the former 19 Kids and Counting’s oldest stars have been “far less rosy” behind the scenes. Between Josh Duggar’s use of Ashley Madison to have affairs and his inappropriate contact with young girls, the couple has been been “destroyed” by their son’s behavior.

Though a Duggar divorce has yet to happen, Michelle and Jim Bob are barely holding it together, according to a nameless inside source. The religious family from Arkansas have been “torn” apart by Josh Duggar’s cheating ways, wrote the International Business Times.

Recent drama within the family has brought Duggar divorce possibilities to the surface. Though, Jim Bob and Michelle’s marriage has apparently been suffering for quite sometime. Ever since Josh Duggar confessed to his parents to “looking at porn,” the patriarchal couple has been enduring inner turmoil.

The Duggar divorce rumors extend slightly beyond Josh. Michelle Duggar supposedly got into a bit of a tiff with her husband and church leaders when they were deciding upon a punishment for Josh. While Jim Bob was hoping to provide their son with a penalty that would “appease God,” his wife wasn’t on board with that tactic. Ultimately, the church and Michelle went with Jim Bob’s choice of punishment for their son, which included physical labor. Not only did this decision infuriate Michelle, but further complicated the 19 Kids and Counting stars’ marriage. Since Josh has returned from rehab in March, Michelle has refused to listen to her husband’s requests, stated the nameless source.

A Duggar divorce possibility seems to be at an all time high within the family. Michelle has apparently gotten so mad at Jim Bob that she “actually raised her voice” to him, claims a close family friend.

“The Jim Bob Michelle fell in love with 32 years ago is very different from the man she knows now. Her bears little resemblance to the young man who was filled with hope and happiness.”

Though, despite the rumors surrounding Michelle and Jim Bob, it is unlikely that the couple will be ending their marriage. According to the nameless source, the two would never get divorced, though tensions are rising high between them.

“That would be against everything she lives for… But they are not the happy couple they once were.”

The marriage of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar has been a hot topic for quite sometime. When Josh Duggar came home from Christian rehab in March, drama engulfed the family. In Touch claimed earlier this year that Jim Bob was furious and called an emergency meeting upon finding out that “not all of his 18 other children were thrilled with their oldest brother’s release from treatment,” reported Radar Online.

The Duggar divorce rumors began to surface when Michelle supposedly sided with her children about Josh’s homecoming. A nameless source claims that Jim Bob’s wife also had somewhat mixed feelings about her son’s actions.

“Michelle, while she would never admit it publicly, understands why some family members don’t want Josh around them or their children…She and Jim Bob have argued over it…”

There hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding a split between Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar from the family, despite reports.

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