Mickey Gall Believes A UFC Loss To CM Punk Would Be ‘A Joke’

When WWE superstar Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC, many expected him to lose to the Top 10 heavyweight Mark Hunt. However, Lesnar didn’t only win at UFC 200, he dominated Hunt. That really opened some people’s eyes to what the WWE star was really about, and now fans have even more reason to tune into UFC 203 on September 10 when another WWE superstar makes his in-ring UFC debut.

While fans will wonder if a second WWE star will win in the UFC, CM Punk’s opponent is wanting to make sure that the ending is different this time around. 411mania reported that Mickey Gall said that losing to CM Punk at UFC 203 would make him “look like a joke.”

“I’m taking this very seriously. I get nervous, but I welcome the big stage. I love it. I’m training as if he’s a champion. I’m aware of the high stakes of it. I have a lot to gain. I’d have so much to lose also, but I will not lose. I will not lose to CM Punk. No way.”

This isn’t Mickey Gall disrespecting professional wrestling or the WWE. Mark Hunt went into the Brock Lesnar fight at UFC 200, pointing out how Lesnar “fake fights” in the WWE and how he would beat him in the real UFC fight. Hunt then got stomped in the octagon. Gall, instead, said that he was a fan of the WWE as a kid and called Stone Cold Steve Austin his favorite. Instead, Gall just sees himself and CM Punk in very different lights heading into the UFC fight.

Gall talked about how he has worked and trained to be an MMA fighter for years. He then realized that UFC president Dana White was going to be in attendance at Gall’s first pro fight and decided that he wanted to get noticed, and he threw the dice. He knew that CM Punk was wanting to make the move from the WWE to the UFC, so after his first fight, which he won, he called out CM Punk for a fight, knowing that White was there to hear it.

The gamble worked, and Gall got the chance for the CM Punk fight at UFC 203. It is a huge opportunity for Gall, who could make his name by beating the more famous CM Punk in a UFC fight, but at the same time, it could cost him dearly if he loses to a 37-year-old former professional wrestler with no MMA experience.

“He’s going to bring a lot of eyes and a lot of pay-per-view buys to the sport, and new eyes, so our sport is expanding and I see that as a good thing. He’s really trying to be a real MMA fighter, I believe. He’s going for it. He’s putting in the time and I’ve been doing it for eight years, putting in my time, so you’re going to see a real MMA fight when we fight.”

There is one big difference between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk when it comes to the UFC. Lesnar is a beast – a former NCAA champion who weighed 265.5 pounds for his fight with Mark Hunt. However, he lost his debut fight in the UFC and needed to work hard to get back and win. He did so and was dominating, beating his opponents into defeat with his power. CM Punk does not have the power to do what Brock Lesnar did in the UFC octagon.

CM Punk is not a small man, weighing about 185 pounds and fighting as a middleweight. While the WWE listed him as 218 pounds, those weights are never accurate, and CM Punk checks in at about 30 pounds lighter for his UFC debut. He has no levels in martial arts and has worked as a professional wrestler for the last two decades.

Mickey Gall has been training as an MMA fighter for eight years, hoping to reach the UFC, and he weighs 170 pounds. This gives CM Punk a weight advantage of about 15 pounds and a height advantage of three inches. The question is whether CM Punk’s size advantage will help him compared to the eight years of experience that Gall has built up.

CM Punk is not short on confidence heading into his first UFC fight. Fox Sports reported that Punk was impressed when he watched Mickey Gall win his last fight and said that he is ready.

“It was very impressive, that’s how I want to win a fight. That’s got to be great feeling and I’ll find out after I beat Mickey Gall.”

[Image via UFC]