Demi Lovato ‘Confident’ and ‘Future Now’ Tour Review: From Pop Music Insecurity to a Full-Blooded Modern Diva

Demi Lovato has grown from being a Disney pop star to a recognizable music artist. After undergoing a challenging fight with her own health, Demi Lovato is now the new face of beautiful and curvy.

With the release of her newest album late last year, Confident, Demi Lovato has finally shown the public that she is more than what people expected of her. According to Rolling Stone, Lovato was able to highlight her voice to “new emotional highs.”

Demi Lovato Nick Jonas Tour [Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]
Though Demi Lovato still released a couple of upbeat and pop songs like “Cool for the Summer” and “Dark Horse,” Demi Lovato showed a lot of her emotional writing in songs like “Kingdom Come,” “Stone Cold,” and “Father.”

In her interviews, Demi Lovato has explained that “Stone Cold” was a collaboration with an artist named Laleh. She said that it was an unusual song for her since over the past years, they were carefully molding her albums according to what they think would be the best “hit.”

Demi Lovato said she is not dismissing the fact that she still wants her song to be top hits. It’s just that “Stone Cold” has revealed a side of her that is raw and pure. Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend added that she was surprised with how Laleh was able to bring her voice into a new dimension. “Stone Cold” is a deep and emotional ballad about heartbreak, which Demi Lovato said, “everyone can relate to.”

With a new exploration on Demi Lovato’s music, Billboard noted that her album “updates the adult-contemporary album archetype for tween graduates.” There were also times where her tones were similar to Adele, but then Lovato brings everyone back to her world by “belting out the verses but downright wistful when she drops her voice and breathes.”

Lovato’s growth since her debut as a tween TV star has been public, and it hasn’t been without stumbles. But her willingness to own every step and misstep, and to show her audience how the rough times helped her become the woman she is, makes “Confident” a surprisingly compelling listen.

Maturity, Transition and Growth

Demi Lovato did not only impress everyone with his new album, she also set herself aside from her colleagues when she decided to create her own label, Safehouse Records.

According to Forbes, Demi Lovato is in partnership with Nick Jonas and her manager Phil McIntyre. Lovato wanted to separate her label amongst others by creating an “artist-centric” culture.

“I’m a businesswoman.”

For now, the label is managing Lovato’s fifth album and her “Future Now” tour with Nick Jonas. The two have been friends for a long time now. In their appearance in James Corden’s Karaoke skit, Demi Lovato said they were celebrating their 10 years of friendship.

Demi Lovato Transformation [Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]
Aside from the deep connection between the two, they have a very close fan base. They are leaning towards the younger listeners. As much as fans wanted these two to hook up, Demi Lovato seemed to be fixed with their friendship, according to Philly.

“Of course, we’re best friends, so we thought it made perfect sense to go on the road together,” says Lovato. “Since we were younger, we made that transition from the tween/teen world to the mainstream world.”

Nick Jonas also spoke about the compatibility not only in their music but also their career paths.

“I think Demi and I both sort of looked up about nine to 10 months ago and said how amazingly both of our individual careers have kind of taken shape in a whole new way,” Jonas said in a joint phone interview with Lovato before their tour kicked off last month in Atlanta. “There are layers of our worlds being intertwined, and we’re feeling like we’re both at a place where, if we were ever going to do this, it was right now. Demi and I were both on the same page in a lot of ways.”

For now, the two are rising stars of the generation and they are just beginning. For the rest of the year, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are finishing the rest of their Future Now tour in the U.S.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

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