Gwen Stefani Calls Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert’s Divorce A ‘Gift’

Gwen Stefani is admitting that boyfriend Blake Shelton’s 2015 divorce from Miranda Lambert was like a “gift” to her.

Gwen made the surprising admission about Blake and Miranda’s split in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where Stefani got seriously candid about how she and Shelton went from friendship to something much more following their respective 2015 break-ups.

Stefani, who last year split from Gavin Rossdale, her husband of fourteen years, admitted in the pages of the latest issue of the fashion magazine that she and Shelton first bonded over their divorces.

“It was like being handed this gift of a friend who was going through the exact same thing at the exact same time,” Stefani said of how her relationship with Blake initially blossomed last year.

Gwen Stefani Calls Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert's Divorce A 'Gift'
“Then everything flipped,” Gwen continued of the moment she and Shelton went from being friends to partners. “It went from horrible to, like, hopeful and like, ‘Wow, God, you just don’t know what’s gonna happen next.'”

Gwen and Blake have so far played coy about exactly when they became romantically involved, rumors began to swirl Stefani and Shelton had become more than good friends after Entertainment Tonight reported that the couple looked seriously cozy together while attending a Halloween party hosted by George Clooney in late October.

Gwen Stefani’s big admission about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s sudden divorce comes as Shelton couldn’t stop gushing about Stefani during a recent interview with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix talk show Chelsea, in which Blake admitted that he believes his split from Lambert and subsequent relationship with Stefani were both “meant to be.”

Gwen Stefani Calls Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert's Divorce A 'Gift'
According to People, Blake got seriously candid about his past and current relationships during the interview, which was made available for streaming on the service on July 8, admitting that his new album, If I’m Honest, was inspired by both Miranda and Gwen.

“Things kind of faded in and faded out as far as that timeline goes,” Shelton told Handler of the process of writing his personal new release. “But it would have started with last year when my marriage and everything just fell apart,” Blake said, “and trying to pick the pieces up from being at the rock bottom, you know, and trying to move forward.”

Blake then went on to gush about Gwen, admitting that the popstar, who he met while the two were coaches on NBC’s The Voice, turned his life around.

“This is how my life turned around – and so quickly, too, by the way,” Shelton said of his new romance with Gwen. “It’s like, ‘Woah.’ All of this has to be meant to happen; so I made a record about it. It makes me nervous to talk about it.”

Handler then asked Blake if his relationship with Gwen has made him happier than ever, to which Shelton gushed about Gwen, “There’s no question about that. Absolutely no question about that.”

Blake previously spoke out about how Stefani and Lambert influenced his latest release in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where Shelton admitted that the album has songs about his current romance with Gwen and his split from Miranda.

“It doesn’t take, you know, a rocket scientist,” Blake said. “If you have followed my career even a little bit in my life, you know what has happened with me in the last, gosh, eight or nine months,” Shelton continued Entertainment Tonight of his broken relationship with Lambert and newfound love with Stefani.

“I can put my life experience, whether it’s a divorce or my new girlfriend, whatever those experiences are, whatever things that are happening in my life, I have an outlet for them,” Blake said. “I have music. I can write songs, I can sing about it.”

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