Braille Skateboarding Attempts To Skate A Glass Skateboard — Worst Idea In Skateboarding History Ever! [Video]

Over the years, skateboards have evolved in design and shape, making them easier, safer, and better for skateboarders to use. However, there are some ideas pertaining to skateboards that everyone knows are bad ideas. In this case, it is the worst idea in skateboarding history, as Braille Skateboarding attempts to skate on a glass skateboard.

According to the synopsis provided for the video uploaded by YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding, the glass skateboard was created by Avenue Trucks, a company known for making the trucks on skateboards. Anyway, Avenue Trucks heard about Braille Skateboarding’s series “You Make It, We Skate It” and decided to make a skateboard for them to actually skate, one made of glass. To be fair, the skateboard itself is beautiful, but just like the glass-bottom bridge located in China, the security of its durability is very questionable.

Avenue Trucks
Anyways, Braille Skateboarding unboxed the glass skateboard and took their time analyzing it. As shown in the video, the glass skateboard is about the same thickness of a regular skateboard, which is usually made of maple wood complimented by a polyurethane coating for durability, as reported by Geek. Ergo, it is able to handle a certain amount of stress, especially during grinds, hard turns, et cetera. That is not the case with the glass skateboard, which is made of regular tempered glass.

It does seem that Avenue Trucks did try to take into account the fact that the board is made of glass, along with the fact the material differs from what other boards have. Ergo, they provided suspension trucks, which Braille Skateboarding guessed were worth $300 each, for the glass skateboard. Still, it wouldn’t do much in the long haul.

Still, Braille Skateboarding kept to their commitment of “You Make It, We Skate It,” yet they were still careful. They first made sure the glass skateboard could at least handle itself through regular skateboarding. After making a lap around the skate park, it was apparent it could handle itself with the basics.

Glass Skateboard, Braille Skateboarding
Where the glass skateboard failed was during a test to see if it was durable enough to handle a drop from a lip or edge. During the drop, the front of the glass skateboard literally shattered as glass pieces flew all over the place. It was also a dangerous situation, as the skater could have been cut by the glass shards, especially the pieces that were close to his neck.

Though the glass skateboard was a bust, the video was successful on YouTube. As of the publication of this article, the video has over 763,000 views with almost 20,000 likes since its upload on Saturday, July 9. Not only that, it is currently sitting at the number nine spot of the “Popular Right Now” list on the Popular on YouTube channel. Given the fact the video came out just yesterday and it is already in a single-digit location, it has the potential of climbing to a higher number before the weekend concludes.

As for Braille Skateboarding, they have skated on other “skateboards” created by other people. Some examples includes skateboards made out of an iPad, flatscreen television, skate shoes, and even a full-size door.

[Image via Screen Capture of “EXTREMELY DANGEROUS GLASS SKATEBOARD | YOU MAKE IT WE SKATE IT EP 13” by Braille Skateboarding]