'Impressive Young Man' Harry Styles Met With Brexit Baroness, Louis Tomlinson And Mom Speak Out About Audition Anniversary

Harry Styles' has met with acting House of Lords leader Baroness Angela Smith to discuss Britain's Brexit vote in the EU referendum, and Louis Tomlinson and his mom Johannah have spoken out thanking supporters on the anniversary of Louis' fateful audition for The X Factor.

The Debrief reports that Harry Styles attended a House of Lord's debate about Brexit after he was invited by Lord Winston, a doctor and fertility treatments pioneer who is the father of One Direction video director Ben Winston.

"In a week of news that continues to get more bizarre by the minute, it turns out our new Brexit Hero may be none other than ex-One Directioner Harry Styles."
/blockquote>Lord Winston can count Richard Dawkins among his fans -- Dawkins follows Lord Robert Winston on Twitter!

Lord Winston previously spoke out praising Harry at one of his science lectures and the prof's comments found their way onto Twitter, then into a number of headlines.

Lord Winston said that Harry has good values and does not take his celebrity status too seriously. Robert also broke fans' hearts when he reported that Harry is lonely and pops around a lot because he likes his wife's chicken stew, according to Now.

"'Harry recognizes that celebrity is completely pointless… He knows [it's] all transparent. At the end of the day, his family is much more important... 'He is lonely and pops round quite often just for my wife's chicken stew.'"

Harry Styles meeting with angela smith after brexit
One Direction's Harry Styles [Photo by KGC-161/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

A House of Lords spokesperson joked that Styles must have decided to attend the Brexit debate recently because he heard that "the government has no direction."

"My theory, however, is that he was in for the start of the two-day debate on Brexit and its consequences... He's clearly heard that the Government has no direction."
Not only did Harry attend the debate, the Standard reports that Styles made an appointment to meet with Baroness Angela Smith, the shadow leader of the House of Lords.

Angela Smith has given a speech about the EU referendum outcome blasting the NHS-related misinformation that was delivered at critical moments during the public vote.

Interestingly, Harry's bandmate Niall Horan also slammed the Brexit camp for their false NHS health care claims. Niall called Brexit campaigner Nigel Farrage a "terrible man" and bemoaned the economic downturn that was predicted in the wake of a Brexit.

In her Brexit speech, Smith also made some comments implying that Britain is in a legal quagmire following the Brexit vote. The Baroness claims that two different legal sources provided two completely different responses to the question of how Brexit ought to proceed in the event that the terms of the exit cannot be negotiated to everyone's satisfaction.

What might Harry Styles and the baroness have discussed when they had their private meeting? Perhaps Harry has some ideas about how to move on and make the most of the complications the Brexit vote has created.

Angela Smith praised Harry after they met, calling him an "impressive young man" and joking that the young women in her office were very cross that she was the one who got to meet Harry Styles.

"He was great, I have to say, a pretty impressive young man, very nice and I had a bit of a chat with him... I'm a little bit older than most Harry Styles fans so the young women in my office are very cross and I don't think they're ever going to forgive me."
In other One Direction news, Louis Tomlinson fans are celebrating the anniversary of Louis' audition for the X Factor six years ago.
#6YearsSinceLouisAudition started trending on Twitter as fans sent their love and well-wishes. Louis Tomlinson tweeted saying that it is "insane" that it has been that long, and thanking everyone who's supported him. Louis called his journey "crazy but amazing."
Louis Tomlinson's mom Johannah Deakin also tweeted. Louis' mom wrote that she is proud of Louis and revealed that he always says that every success is a team effort.
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