5 Seconds Of Summer’s New Song Leaks Online, Members Vent On Snapchat

The band 5 Seconds of Summer, including Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, were less than thrilled with news of their new song, “Girls Talk Boys” leaking online four days before it was supposed to be released. While the trio were clearly disappointed, Luke Hemmings remained tight-lipped on the issue.

According to Daily Mail, 5 Seconds of Summer “lost their temper” over the weekend when they found out that their Ghostbusters track, “Girls Talk Boys,” was already available online. Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood all took to Snapchat to express their frustrations.

“I just found out the song has been leaked and that it is online and you all are listening to it,” Irwin said.

“What the f***…who leaked it…I am going to f***ing find you,” Clifford snapped.

Hood, meanwhile, simply said “why” over and over again. The only 5SOS member who seemed to be acting cool about the situation is Luke Hemmings. The 19-year-old guitarist has yet to comment on social media.

The official hashtag for the song, #GIRLSTALKBOYS reportedly trended on Twitter in U.S. and Australia following the leak. In a previous interview, the group was particularly proud of the new song, saying that it will be different from what fans have heard before.

“The song is just fantastic and it also fits in with where the band’s sound is going. We are so excited for the fans to hear our new direction of music,” Irwin said

In other news, fans of 5SOS are still wondering if Luke Hemmings and rumored girlfriend Arzaylea are still together. Rumors of the break up started when Luke was spotted with a “mystery blonde” outside The Nice Guy in West Hollywood back in June. Hollywood Take, however, soon confirmed that Luke and Arzaylea are still very much together. The woman he was spotted with turned out to be a friend of Arzaylea named Alice. Alice later confirmed that she has a boyfriend named James.

Some 5 Seconds of Summer fans have been against Luke and Arzaylea’s relationship since the beginning. They accused her of using Luke for fame and money. In an interview with Vice, Arzaylea claimed that her boyfriend’s fans make her seem like a “really horrible person” when she is anything but.

“I’m just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal,” she explained.


As her parents have been in the music business for years, Arzaylea said that she does not need a ticket to fame. She also pointed out that she had quite a lot of friends who are “already well known” in the industry.

Arzaylea’s love-hate relationship with 5SOS fans deepened when she was accused of jumping into a fan’s photo with Hemmings. According to Hollywood Take, the fan only wanted a photo with Hemmings but Arzaylea ended up being in the shot. While she said that the couple were nice towards her, she was surprised when Arzaylea just jumped right in.

“Omg arz hopped in the photo and I only asked luke OMG,” @silverdustirwin tweeted.

“Legit 2 secs before my dad took the pic she jumped in HA WOW,” the fan added in another tweet.

It did not take long before more 5 Seconds of Summer fans lashed out at Arzaylea, saying that she just gave them another reason to dislike her.

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[Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images]