‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New Target Emerges, Natalie Exposed For ‘Faking Feelings’ For James, And Frank Feels Safe For At Least Another 3 Weeks

Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers have been packed with drama the past few days. Natalie Negrotti was exposed for faking feelings for James Huling to stay in the game longer. Frank Edy thinks he is in a good spot in the game, when in reality, the vets are all gunning for him. A new target emerges, and could be sent out the door this week, depending on what Bridgette Dunning decides to do with her Power of Veto win. Since she is the Head of Household this week, the power rests in her hands.

Big Brother Network reports that it looks like Tiffany Rousso will leave this week. Of course, anything can happen in the next 24 hours considering that the Power of Veto ceremony will happen on Monday morning. Tiffany has been one of Frank’s biggest targets because she made it known that she wanted him out before the jury. Frank needs to make it to the jury because that’s when the vets get a bonus for making it to the midway point in the game.

Big Brother 18 fans have watched as Natalie appeared to genuinely like James, but it looks like now it was all for the show. Corey explained to Nicole that she doesn’t really like James, and was using him to further herself in the game. Apparently, before the feeds were turned on, Natalie had a “thing” with Victor Arroyo.

Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers revealed he decided she wasn’t the girl for him when he saw her in bed with him (Corey) and tried to make Victor jealous. Corey vented and told Nicole he wants her out of the Big Brother house because he’s sick of her games and fishing for either he or James to be jealous of whichever person she chooses to pay attention too. So far, Nicole wants to keep quiet and not mention any of this to James just yet.

Online Big Brother reports that Frank (falsely) believes he is in a good spot in the house. Last time he was on the show (BB14), everyone hated him and was gunning for him. Frank thinks he has better relationships with the players this go-round and hopes they will take him to the end. In his mind, he feels like he has a great shot at making to the final four.

The truth is, the Big Brother house is gunning for Frank, but doing it quietly. He thinks he is completely safe right now. As it sits right now, James and Corey are gunning for him, and want him out as soon as next week. Frank believes that may target Da’Vonne next week, although that is unlikely to be the real plan. Frank claims he needs to get her out of the Big Brother house because she is paranoid and creates drama.

As of right now, Bridgette nominated Paul and Tiffany for eviction. Frank, being the RoadKill winner, secretly put up Bronte. Bridgette won the Power of Veto and could veto one of the nominations. Frank is pushing for Tiffany to be sent home on eviction night. There’s the possibility that the Big Brother house will play it safe and throw Paul out this week.

Another interesting thing that came out yesterday was James alleging that Clay from Big Brother 17 had an intimate encounter with Audrey Middleton. The Big Brother fans are divided on social media whether to believe the scoop or not. At any rate, it was just an interesting tidbit.

There is still so much Big Brother game to be played this week with the Power of Veto ceremony coming up. It’s looking like the nomination will stay the same, so we can expect Tiffany to amp up the crying drama in the next few days.

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