Channing Tatum To Direct Magic Mike 2?

Is Magic Mike ready to be a director? Channing Tatum, the star behind the surprise Steven Soderbergh hit may just take the director’s chair for the sequel of Magic Mike. Detailing the sequel as a road journey, Tatum, who also produced the first flick is already thinking about the follow up to Magic Mike, which may or may not also include a Broadway stage production.

Now that box office glory has come and gone for Magic Mike, it seems like details are just starting to trickle out about the next steps for Tatum and the franchise that has helped his star rise higher than anyone ever expected it to. It seems as though Behind The Candelabra could be Soderbergh’s last film, which leaves a vacancy open for a new director to step in to direct the sequel to Magic Mike. Channing isn’t against the job, or at least that’ what he told Filmstarts.

Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin are concentrating on the future, even if it’s uncertain as to what that future is. Carolin told Allocine about the working concept for Magic Mike:

We have a story, and it is really ridiculous and fun. It’s a road movie sort of thing, where a bunch of strippers get back together. It’s more of a broad comedy. I don’t know whether it will happen or not.

The thing that worked about Magic Mike, aside from the performances by Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer, was the direction by Steven Soderbergh. Although Tatum has worked with Soderbergh on a few projects, the question remains if he can tackle the huge challenge of directing a massive follow up to an already successful film.