Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Fake Love Rumors Range From Bond Girl To Kanye West Feud Fuel

When Taylor Swift ended her romance with Calvin Harris, sympathy for another case of celebrity heartbreak reigned. But when the singer suddenly went from unhappy heartache to what seemed to be head-over-heels mad love with Tom Hiddleston, Twitter turned on the lovebirds, who seemed to be making a point of cooing and kissing around the world.

The backlash for the couple nicknamed Hiddleswift began with some fans upset that the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer had nabbed Hiddleston, previously viewed as a superior man who would not easily slip into the just-another-Swift-boyfriend category, pointed out Vox.

Photos began to appear on Instagram along with the backlash.


“She goes from one to the next in a heartbeat. Poor example to young girls trying to live with morals and values! This young girl has been turned more times than a door knob. Hate that she’s in my state,” wrote one anti-Swift commentator.

Team Tom members sought to find an explanation of how their idol possibly could abruptly fall into what some thought was a trap set by the crafty Taylor. The photos of Hiddleswift only fueled the outrage as the two were seen holding hands, dancing, traveling to Rome, and partying as if they were practicing for a music video (hint).

It didn’t take long for rumors to swirl that Hiddleswift was faking love, with theories adding fuel to such reports. When Tom made his move for the photographers by lifting the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer from the ocean, showing off his tank top that proclaimed his love for “T.S.,” conspiracy theorists went wild.


Some kept the theories low-key, speculating that Tom was dating Taylor because he had lost a bet, for example, or he was just goofing around. But others argued that the combination of a swifter-than-swift courtship, plus all those endless pictures of Hiddleswift canoodling, prove that it’s being faked for a music video.

The music video theory means that Taylor was the one who lured Tom to perform with her, getting him to do stunts such as travel around the globe and met each other’s parents just to stage an epic musical drama. However, there are those who theorize that Hiddleston is the one who planned it all.

Did Tom Hiddleston plot his romance with Taylor Swift to boost his fame?
The rumors that put the blame on Tom for plotting out the courtship speculate that he wants the publicity. Hiddleston supposedly is seeking the spotlight (with help from his new fame as half of Hiddleswift) either to boost his chances to play James Bond or to get his name known for an Emmy campaign for his role in The Night Manager.

But when it comes to the James Bond rumors, those theories don’t just involve Hiddleston. E News reports some think Taylor wants to take on the role of the next Bond girl.

Those supporting that rumor think that Swift has decided her wisest approach for nabbing the job of Bond girl is to get up close and very, very personal with a possible future James Bond (i.e. Hiddleston). The theory revolves around first assuming that Tom has a solid chance of getting the coveted role of Bond, then speculating that Hiddleston’s girlfriend would naturally be offered the part of Bond girl.

Is Taylor Swift faking her new romance with Tom Hiddleston?
While the James Bond theories involve both Swift and Hiddleston, there’s another group of conspiracy theorists who think that the rapid rise of Hiddleswift results from Taylor’s long-running feud with Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian recently gave an interview to GQ which accused Swift of lying when she said she did not agree to the lyrics in Kanye’s “Famous.” However, the publicity that might have resulted from Kim fueling the feud between West and Taylor was dimmed by the spotlight that focused on Hiddleswift, photographed kissing for the first time on the same day.

Kardashian alleged that Taylor did agree to the lyrics and that the feud was fake. Did Swift deliberately set up her kissing scene with Hiddleston to detract from those allegations, potentially even fueling her feud with Kanye by stealing his wife’s GQ interview publicity? That’s what some conspiracy theorists claim.

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