Why You Shouldn’t Download ‘Resident Evil 5’ Just Yet

Resident Evil 5 has made its comeback — but is the re-release worth it? Is it worth downloading Resident Evil 5 right now with the various bugs and glitches?

Not so long ago, in 2009, Resident Evil 5 was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An update to the famous survival horror third-person shooter franchise, Resident Evil 5 was not one of the best titles in the franchise, but it is still considered one of the “classics” of the older hardware.

Last June, Capcom finally gave in again and released a remastered version of the Resident Evil 5 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To make things clear, the recently-released Resident Evil 5 is not exactly the kind of remaster other remastered titles are.

Tech Times discusses the game.

“Yes, it looks better and plays more smoothly, but Capcom has stated that the team only updated the game’s engine to run on newer hardware. Compare this with the updated Resident Evil Remaster, where Capcom actually changed how the game’s engine worked at its core.

“What this means is that the improvements to Resident Evil 5, while noticeable, won’t be as dramatic when compared with those found in the original Resident Evil remaster. There have also been no changes to the story, level design or gameplay mechanics. For better or for worse, this is the same exact game that was released back in 2009.”

Basically, it’s just making Resident Evil 5 backward compatible for the newer consoles. Everything that we’ve loved and hated about Resident Evil 5 will be the same in the newly “remastered” version.

Having said all that, Resident Evil 5 for PS4 and Xbox One is still quite a fetch for $20. It was a fairly great game, and getting it for $20 if you haven’t before is still a good deal.

Get ‘Resident Evil 5’ on your Xbox One and PS4 for $19.99 [Image via Capcom]

However, the real question remains: Should you really purchase Resident Evil 5 right now?

According to various reports, the re-released Resident Evil 5 is facing a lot of glitches and problems. It contains a long and varied list of issues, from frame rate problems to things such as inventory problems that could discourage a second player from tagging along.

Players are complaining that the new Resident Evil 5 is suffering from huge frame rate drops. It’s not only a matter of aesthetics anymore, but it is so bad that it messes with the person’s gameplay, input timings, and hand-and-eye coordination.

And more annoying and problematic than the frame rate drop is the second player inventory bug that makes Resident Evil 5 second players unable to access their inventory. The second player inventory is pretty important to the overall tactics and gameplay, and if players cannot organize their inventory, purchase, or even equip purchased items for the second player, it becomes extremely annoying.

Outside the main campaign mode, Resident Evil 5 players also report that they lose their primary weapons on the Versus, Survivors, and Team Survivors modes.

Frame rate drops causes a lot of issues [Image via Capcom]

People are even going to Twitter to complain to Capcom about the problem. Below is a Twitter conversation between Reddit user mightylordredbeard and Resident Evil’s Twitter account @RE_Games.

mightlordredbeard: “Can you tell me if there will be a patch for RE5 that fixes frame rate drops and the splitscreen inventory bug? As it stands now, frame rates drop into the low 40s and when playing splitscreen on consoles, player 2 isn’t able to manage their own inventory.”

RE_Games: “Hi William, Thank you for letting us know about these issues you encountered. Our teams are actually aware of it and are working on it ? We’ll give update once we have any via our channels! Stay tuned!”

In a statement to GameSpot, Capcom has also assured Resident Evil players that they are working on fixing the bugs.

“We are aware of the current performance issues and certain gameplay bugs and the team is currently looking into it.”

Hopefully, a patch or update comes out for Resident Evil 5 to fix these glitches. In the meantime, it’s up to you if you want to go through all these disappointments if you choose to purchase the “remastered” Resident Evil 5 right now.

[Image via Capcom]

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