A LEGO movie?!? seriously what drugs are these idiots on

Okay G.I. Joe might have been passably fun to watch, Transformers might have helped with nothing more than filling your popcorn fix and Terminator Salvation sated your need to see things blow up – all in all some good fun. However I think that either the greenhouse gases are beginning to affect what is left of the creative <ahem> minds in Hollywood or else the quality of the drugs has improved radically because I’m sorry but anyone who thinks a movie based on LEGO is a good idea needs to check in with Dr. Drew.

According to the DVICE blog though there is some serious consideration within the rubber rooms at Warner Brothers for a mix of live action and animation set in a family oriented comedy

The movie will be produced by Roy Lee, the king of the Hollywood remakes, who has previously made, or remade, The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, The Lake House, The Invasion and Shutter in addition to the Oscar-winning remake The Departed. Lee and screenwriters Dan and Kevin Hageman have reportedly been working closely with the Danish toy company to create the premise for the film.

Source: DVICE :: Warner Brothers to make LEGO: The Movie

Here’s a premise for you – cut back on the drugs and think about maybe something a little more – uhm – hmm – how about entertaining.