WWE Rumors: Randy Orton Could Be Transitioning Into Part-Time Wrestling Role, May Even Retire After Summerslam

Randy Orton Feels the Steel on His Hands Before Entering the Cage

WWE just announced only a few days ago that Randy Orton would be Brock Lesnar opponent for Summerslam. Overall, the response to the upcoming match has been overwhelmingly positive. The WWE Universe has wanted to see Lesnar vs. Orton for quite some time because the idea of Orton reversing Lesnar’s F-5 into an RKO paints an incredible picture.

Unfortunately for Randy Orton, there is no way he’s walking out of Summerslam with a victory against The Beast Incarnate. It is too much to ask for Brock Lesnar to lose to Randy Orton now that he dominated Mark Hunt at UFC 200. The chance of WWE booking Lesnar to lose to Orton now is just too unlikely, which means The Viper will have to begin his next run with WWE after a loss at Summerslam.

Of course a loss like this isn’t the way a WWE Superstar would like to return to the squared circle, but Orton’s accomplishments and WWE career are more than enough to carry him through a loss against The Beast. His return to WWE is facing a bigger concern than the result of one match.

Randy Orton Prepares For His Fight With Brock Lesnar at Summerslam
WWE’s decision to book Orton vs. Lesnar has some people scratching their heads because booking Orton into a match with Lesnar off a shoulder injury that cost him roughly nine months of his career could be dangerous. Brock Lesnar’s wrestling style in WWE is very aggressive, but he’s never seriously injured someone as far as we know.

So, The Viper should be perfectly fine, but the concern for his body breaking down goes further than just one match against Lesnar. There is a lot of speculation that Randy Orton’s body has become much more fragile than it used to be and many people are questioning how much longer he’ll be able to wrestle for WWE.

According to a rumor from RingTalkk.com, there is a possibility of Randy Orton becoming a part-time wrestler for WWE once he returns to the product. There are a lot of factors surrounding Orton’s future in WWE, but a major factor is the purpose of his character once he returns to WWE programming since this is a new era, and it is a different world than what Orton left last October.

Randy Orton Stares at the WWE Crowd Before a Match
The report is claiming that Randy Orton’s position on the WWE roster is even more questionable than his body. In two weeks, WWE will have Battleground, which will be the last PPV before the brand split becomes official. There are many new feuds for Orton to take part in whether he is drafted to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown. Orton will be a top veteran on the roster, but his greater purpose to win championships could block the development of the next generation of WWE superstars.

Ultimately, his purpose could be to put over the young talent on the roster and provide them with quality wins over a top veteran. Randy Orton will become a top enhancement talent for the WWE roster. That is a great role for the right guy. For example, a performer like Chris Jericho has thrived in that role, but it may not be something Orton is willing to accept.

If WWE officials are serious about building new stars, then they’re going to need Randy Orton to help them. The big question is if he will accept helping the next generation because that’s not something he needs to be wrestling full-time to do effectively. In the long run, a part-time schedule may also provide Orton with more years in the ring.

The rumor states that if Orton’s body can’t hold up or his purpose as a veteran begins to hurt his momentum and his drawing power with the WWE Universe, early retirement could be the only option for The Viper. However, nothing is confirmed as far as that is concerned. First and foremost, Randy Orton has a date with Brock Lesnar in August at “Summerslam.”

[Image via WWE.com]