Who has the worst sports fans?

I have been a sports writer for the past three years, in that time I have been called stupid, arrogant, and even bald my a host of sports fans from around the United States. I try not to take it to personal since being a sports writer you accept a certain amount of criticism. Sports for most people is a passion, and that is what makes sports a great thing to watch, participate in, and in my case my a living dealing with. With that being said though there are some sports fans out there that have lost touch with reality.

Now I would never be so arrogant to sit here and tell people whom to root for, root for your team but try and keep yourself grounded in some sort of reality. I live in Detroit Michigan and have been a Detroit Lions fan my entire life. While I have a great passion for the Lions I would never sit here and try and argue that the Lions are going to be a good team this year, nor would I make outrageous claims of them making the Super Bowl or something else that is completely ridiculous.

However there are groups of fans for certain teams and athletes out there that cannot accept their teams current situation or handle any criticism of these people. If were to make a list of bas sports fans who cannot deal with reality Oakland Raider fans and Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans would be at the top.

In their History the Raiders have been an elite NFL team, but over the last few years, say since their last Super Bowl appearance the Raiders have been turned into a complete joke. It is sad to day but they are now a bad team looking for a new direction. Raiders fans are unable to deal with that and will flood the comment box on any Internet article saying different.

Dale Junior fans are much the same way, while Junior was once an elite driver in the world of NASCAR, that really isn’t true today. The worst thing a sports fan can be is a homer, so caught up in the passion for their teams that reality has no place for them.