Blake Shelton Photographed In Shorts: Is Gwen Stefani Boosting Blake’s Body Confidence?

Blake Shelton’s legs made a rare appearance during a pre-concert basketball game against Curtis and Brad Rempel of High Valley. Whenever Blake is photographed or filmed, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that he’s wearing blue jeans. However, Brad and Curtis managed to snap a rare photo of Blake’s denim-free limbs before they hit the stage at Country Jam 2016. Perhaps Gwen Stefani’s sporty style is starting to rub off on her country star boyfriend.

According to Taste of Country, Brad Rempel proclaimed that Blake is “no Steph Curry” after shooting hoops with him last month in Grand Junction, Colorado. However, Blake Shelton had one thing going for him during his game against High Valley; his skin was a bit distracting.

“He’s a great guy but his legs are incredibly white,” Brad said. High Valley shared evidence of Blake’s lack of melanin on the group’s Twitter page.

The guys played basketball with Blake Shelton shortly before Blake hit the Country Jam stage with girlfriend Gwen Stefani. It was Blake’s 40th birthday, and he asked Gwen to grant a birthday wish that he later regretted making. As Fox News reports, Blake begged his girlfriend to perform the No Doubt song “Hella Good” for the crowd of country music fans, and his fans’ enthusiastic reaction to her performance left him feeling a bit upstaged.

“It’s the worst thing I could have done because all it did was make me look terrible. Literally 40,000 were jumping up and down,” Blake told talk show host Chelsea Handler during a recent appearance on her Netflix show. “I mean, that’s probably what it’s like at real concerts, but I was like ‘Whoa. What’s going on?’ People were so excited to see her.”

Many of Blake Shelton’s fans may be just as excited to see him showing a little leg. Blake has made numerous comments that make it sound like he’s not exactly comfortable with the way his body looks, but maybe scoring a gorgeous girlfriend like Gwen Stefani has given him a confidence boost. The last time he played basketball with a fellow artist, he wasn’t as willing to bare his legs. In The Voice clip below, “Hook Shot Shelton” keeps his pants on when he hits the court with fellow coach Adam Levine.

Blake might be comfortable shooting hoops in athletic shorts these days, but he’s probably not quite ready to play basketball shirtless.

According to CMT, Blake explained that his aversion to doffing his top stems from his hatred of having to play basketball shirtless in front of cheerleaders when he was in middle school.

“One team would be shirts and one team would be the skins. I was so white and chubby, it was humiliating to be on the skins,” Blake said.

Blake went from being embarrassed in front of cheerleaders to dating one of the most beloved cheerleaders in the world in “Hollaback Girl” Gwen Stefani, so who cares if he can’t win shirtless basketball games? He’s winning at life.

During an interview with People, Blake hinted that he still doesn’t like taking his shirt off because he thinks that he has “man boobs” and “a gut.” However, as CMT reports, Blake Shelton has also claimed that his “moobs” are actually a cheerleader magnet. He revealed this in a 2015 promo video for the ACM Awards in which he and co-host Luke Bryan end up in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ locker room.

“I mean, let’s just be honest. They were lookin’ at my butt and lookin’ at my moobs and made me a little uncomfortable,” Blake quipped.

At least Blake Shelton didn’t make things more uncomfortable for himself by showing off his toned, colorless calves.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]