‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama: ‘This Year Has Been Explosive And Fun’

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Wilmer Valderrama has already lived a life that might best be described as a roller coaster ride this year with highs and lows that have been as extreme as they have been unexpected.

Wilmer reached his lowest point with the unexpected split from long-time girlfriend Demi Lovato, but, even as he was nursing his wounds from that heartbreak, new opportunities came his way. Before he new it, Valderrama was being offered new acting opportunities and finding a career that had really begun to open up before him.

NCIS Star Wilmer Valderrama Opens Up About Life After Demi Lovato

While the change in his relationship status may have come as a great blow to himself and to his fans, E! News reveals that Wilmer has been far too busy to lay at home and wallow in self pity. Instead, Valderrama has kept his professional life rolling with acting and with a new modeling campaign for Old Spice. Wilmer partnered with the men’s fragrance line for their Old Spice’s Right Hair Wrongs campaign. Alluding to that modeling opportunity, as well as to several other projects, Wilmer says the summer has been very exciting for him, allowing him to keep busy and build up his portfolio.

“This year has become a really interesting journey already,” Mr. Valderrama admitted. “To be signed onto something so incredible like NCIS and have a couple of movies in the works and producing all the other stuff that I’m doing and this partnership which is so fun…So far this year has been explosive and fun.”

Of everything he’s taken on so far this year, Wilmer seems most excited about his NCIS role, citing the popularity of the series as one reason for anticipating more great times with the show. He says it’s also exciting to be able to bring an entirely new character to NCIS, especially after it has spent so many years on television with few changes.

While Wilmer has been keeping busy, he did reveal that he took time away from business, so he could spend the 4th of July weekend with his family, who he had previously not seen in about six months. Valderrama says they had a great time watching the fireworks and soaking in the swimming pool.

Wilma Valderrama Vows “Fez Will Never Happen Again”

Stopped by to support my dear friend and fellow activist @dianeguerrero_ at her book signing #VLPowerSummit #InTheCountryWeLove

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Wilmer Valderrama told People that he’s very much against ever reprising his Fez character from That 70s Show, but he added that he would still be open to stepping into other comedy roles. In fact, he says taking on a new comedy role would be very exciting, because he does miss the experience of working in comedy. Speaking of comedy, Valderrama hints that his days of delivering laughs aren’t quite over.

“I’m doing something now that we’re getting ready to announce, it’s another big surprise; it’s a pretty big year for me, and I’m returning to comedy in a style that I think is gonna be very nostalgic,” says the NCIS actor.

Wilmer adds that having done comedy for so many years has helped him to appreciate doing action and drama more fully, so he’s really enjoyed taking on NCIS this year. Having been a part of Fox’s ill-fated Minority Report adaptation gave Wilmer a taste for police procedural dramas, so he seemed to be a shoe-in to join the NCIS cast and Valderrama expresses genuine excitement in joining Mark Harmon on the long running crime drama.

“I just think that they’ve done something really unique. They’ve found a voice, they are the biggest show on television,” says 36-year-old Valderrama. “I’m very flattered that they have asked me to come and join the leading squad there with Mark Harmon.”

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