Matt Lauer Says There’s No Fight With Al Roker

Matt Lauer does not believe that fellow Today Show host Al Roker is attempting to destroy the popular morning talk show with crazy antics.

Speaking to TMZ on Wednesday morning Lauer revealed that the entire riff between him and Roker is just a “rumor” with no merit.

When asked how he felt about rival Good Morning America recently taking over for the first time in the ratings war Lauer said:

“We feel the heat every day. but we have for the last 20 years that I’ve been there.”

Apparently Lauer is pretty happy with the show, revealing:

“We’re just trying to do the best show we can do every single day … and I think we’re doing a good job right now … and I think the cycle will reverse.”

Admittedly Al Roker has been acting very strange since Ann Curry was fired from the NBC morning talk show over her falling out with Lauer. Our favorite moment so far occurred when Roker appeared to turn into a statue for a short period of time, refusing to move or even blink.

Sadly it has been Al Roker’s strange behavior lately that has seemed to earn The Today Show its biggest mentions. With the show squarely centered around its hosts and not the news it covers no wonder Good Morning America is currently winning the ratings race.

Do you think Al Roker is attempting to destroy The Today Show or is he simply being the same strange host he has been for a very long time?