NBA Star Baron Davis makes preventative legal threats over stolen laptop

NBA star, Baron Davis, had his laptop stolen recently. The laptop contained a bunch of ‘sensitive’ images and other media that Davis doesn’t want getting into the wrong hands. Like, you know, nekked pics showing up on some gossip site.

So what was this preventative action? Why, sending a threatening letter to online news outlets and blogs before they even have any of the files. Basically, Lawyers representing Davis are saying “don’t even THINK about even considering acquiring anything off that laptop or we’ll pummel you with litigation.”

How do we know this? William Bastone of the famed Smoking Gun website recieved the following letter from Davis’ attorneys. Of course, it’s marked as Confidential and Not For Publication. Ahem, yeah. You can click on the pic for the larger, more readable version.


Celebs lose a laptop or device with stuff on it they want kept private – we can understand how disturbing that can be since it’s happened to a lot of us normal folk too. But sending bloggers and news outlets threatening letters before they even have possession of the files, or maybe even before anyone knew about them… priceless.

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Read the whole silliness over at The Smoking Gun.