iOS 10 Beta Download: Experience Smarter Siri, New Lockscreen Before Official Release

The general public can now download and experience Apple’s upcoming mobile software even before its official Fall 2016 release as the iPhone maker recently launched iOS 10 beta to everyone. Prior to the public release, the beta firmware’s accessibility was limited only to Apple developers.

According to Telegraph, the iOS 10 beta download is compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c. For the iPad users, compatible models are iPad 4, the first and second generation of iPad Air, as well as second and third gen iPad Mini 2. Owners of iPod Touch 6 and later models can also download and install the iOS 10 beta.

Since the available iOS 10 firmware is still in the testing stages, it is most likely to arrive with various bugs, which could pose some difficulties to those who haven’t tried beta versions yet. Though with risks, adventurous iOS users planning to get the latest beta version will have the early access new firmware features and enhancement that they can try out and help further improve.

iOS 10 Beta Download Available to Public [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]For instance, Siri is now smarter than ever, providing more functions such as transcribing voicemails, writing user’s messages and searching for images, according to the Telegraph. Moreover, Apple is also opening up Siri to third-party applications, which means that users will be able to activate and use non-Apple apps through voice control.

The Verge also noted that one of the most noticeable changes that the iOS 10 will bring is the absence of the slide-to-unlock gesture. The post further explained.

“Instead, the new lockscreen is more proactive — the phone comes on automatically when you lift it up, showing you all of your notifications and missed messages right away. Those notifications are more powerful than before, letting you 3D touch to see a message thread or dive into your calendar, all without unlocking your phone.”

Furthermore, the Messages app got an overhaul in iOS 10, allowing users to send handwritten messages, send their heartbeat, make messages appear in “invisible ink,” use rich links, and more. Apple’s official website also noted that iOS 10 firmware will bring in a more proactive Maps, a redesigned Apple music, and a faster and more secure shopping through Apple Pay. Everything Apple Pro, on their YouTube channel, shared their Top 10 iOS 10 features:

According to BGR, the first step in installing iOS 10 beta in your Apple mobile device is to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program, which allows users to try out pre-release software. To do so, a valid Apple ID is required.

Once you are signed in, click iOS and then select the “enroll your iOS device” option that can be found under Get Started. Afterward, download the profile needed for the iOS 10 public beta. Users then need to go Settings app and choose the Software Update option for the iOS 10’s download and installation process to actually begin.

The post on BGR noted that the iOS 10 download size is 1.5 GB heavy but it differs depending on what Apple device is being used and the current iOS version installed. Because of this, those picking up the iOS 10 public beta should make sure first that there is enough memory storage left on the Apple device.

iOS 10 Beta Download Available to Public [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]Prior to installing the latest iOS public beta, users should make sure first that there is a stable WiFi connection and that the battery as at least 50 percent remaining power. BGR’s report also noted another essential prerequisite and that is to delete any existing profiles on the iOS device. This is specifically applicable to those who are currently running on earlier or hacked iOS beta versions. To remove the previously installed profile, simply navigate to the device’s Settings menu, tap General, select Profile and then tap the Delete Profile option.

To help you decide if you’ll get the iOS 10 beta, you can learn more about Apple Beta Software Program by visiting this official FAQ page from Apple.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]