Is Bill Murray Set To Bartend At A Couple’s Wedding? [Video]

It seems like over the last few months and years, all we’ve had to hear regarding Bill Murray is the prospect of a new Ghostbusters sequel. There are just so many questions to consider when you think about the return of Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Winston though!

Will the much loved comedian star in it himself? Does he now hate Dan Aykroyd? Which modern actors could take the roles in a possible reboot? Will the long awaited return of Rick Moranis to the big screen finally emergere?

There is just so much confusion! So much so that it looks like old Bill might have got a bit sick of the acting game and decided to change his career path and become a bartender instead.

I know it sounds a bit nuts, but it appears like Murray’s talents behind the bar are much in demand. Steve and Stacey are getting married in Chicago on November 17, and, as they love Bill so much, they have decided to request his services and set up a website with a request to the actor.

On the site it reads, “If you find yourself without any prior engagements that evening, we were hoping you’d be able to swing through and bartend for a bit.” They’ve also included a Photoshopped picture of Murray behind the bar for good measure.

It wouldn’t be the first time the actor has worked behind a bar. When he attended the SXSW festival in Austin, he decided to instil himself as a rogue bartender and poured his own drinks. You can check out the clip below if you’re a non-believer. It’s pretty stellar.