‘Independence Day’ Sequels Are On Their Way

Will Smith became a mega-star in 1996 all because he punched an alien in the face. If he hadn’t, then he probably would still be known to us all as the Fresh Prince. If you don’t understand the reference above, it’s from a little action movie called Independence Day and you should be ashamed of yourself. For those of you who do get it, rejoice in the fact that a sequel, and possibly sequels, might be on their way of the film.

Roland Emmerich, the co-writer and director of the original, is in early discussions to make two Independence Day sequels which will each be filmed back-to back. He is cahoots with the producer Dean Devlin, and the duo are apparently referring to the projects as “ID Forever Part One” and “ID Forever Part Two.”

Devlin has been discussing the pair’s thoughts saying:

“Roland and I sat down and watched the original. It’s a different experience on television. The thing that really hit me about the movie is how much love there is in it, between the characters. As we’re approaching a sequel we’re focusing on that aspect of it. Because I think that was really the key as to why it worked for everyone. It was lovable.”

The key to Independence Day 2’s success will be the return of Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Paxton as Steven Hiller, David Levinson, and President Thomas J. Whitmore respectively, and, with Big Willie Style having had a rough few months personally, maybe he’d like a return to kicking some alien butt?

But, as Emmerich and Devlin are currently working on White House Down, don’t expect this one to be anywhere near production for a few years yet.