Luis Ortiz Reveals Fredrik Eklund And Ryan Serhant’s Reactions To Him Quitting, Fredrik Congratulates Ryan And Emilia Bechrakis

The Million Dollar Listing New York Season 5 finale episode had some big shockers. First, Ryan Serhant actually invited co-star Luis Ortiz, with whom he had long been feuding with, to his and Emilia Bechrakis’ upcoming wedding in Greece. Even more shocking, Luis made the big decision to quit his real estate career because it no longer made him happy. Does this mean that Luis, who has been a starring cast member on the show alongside Ryan and Fredrik Eklund for four seasons, won’t be on the show anymore?

In an interview with Bravo’s the Daily Dish posted on Friday, Luis seemingly confirmed that the end of his real estate career also means the end of his time on the show when he talked about Fredrik and Ryan’s reactions to his decision to quit real estate.

Luis admitted that he doesn’t think that Fredrik and Ryan are happy with his decision because of what it may mean for the show.

“I think they’re not happy about it because I think we, as a trio, make such a good cast and I think the show is so successful because of the three of us together.”

Presumably, the end of Luis’ real estate career also means the end of his time on Million Dollar Listing New York, since the show focuses on the careers and personal lives of real estate agents in New York City.

Yet, Luis Ortiz added that the end of his real estate career may mean better personal relationships with Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant.

“I think they’re bummed, but they’re happy for me. Both of them are always going to have a special place in my heart. I give them both keys to two separate penthouses in my heart, south-facing [with] floor-to-ceiling windows. They’ll always be a part of my life and I think as I actually go into an industry, I think we will now talk differently because we won’t be rivals in real estate. We’ll actually be happy to hear about each other’s successes.”

On last week’s episode, Ryan admitted to his assistant, Ronita, that he was questioning whether he wanted to continue with real estate. He confessed that when he met another real estate agent who has been working in the industry for 25 years, he realized that he’s not sure about doing the same thing for the next 20 years. He added that he felt overwhelmed and not ready when another person approached him about making more deals.

Ronita advised him to think things through before doing anything drastic and that he may just be having some bad days. In a confessional interview, Luis talked about his previous careers as a professional skateboarder and filmmaker and the fact that he has never stayed in a career once it became repetitive to him.

The season finale episode showed that Ryan’s unhappiness with real estate and his desire to leave only grew stronger. He made the decision to quit, going so far as turning down a dream offer from a developer and suggesting that the developer interview Ronita for the job instead. Ryan then called his mother to share his decision. His mother gave him her full support.

So what is Luis doing now? He told the Daily Dish that he wants to remain involved in television in some way, but not as an actor.

“Well, listen, I want to be in television. I came to New York to be a film director. I always wanted to be behind the cameras, but then when I started doing the show, I realized that I could be good in front of the camera. So I want to explore it, but not as an actor, though. I want a platform that allows me to be me ’cause I think my talent is me not acting because acting is another talent.”

While Luis may not be returning for Season 6 of Million Dollar Listing New York, at least as a starring cast member, viewers will see him on the spin-off special that Bravo is airing this fall on Ryan Serhant and Emila Bechrakis’ journey to getting married and the wedding itself. A preview for the spin-off shows Luis telling Ryan and Emilia, during a group dinner, that his full-time job now is to plan Ryan’s Bachelor party. What does Luis have in mind?

“Champagne, hookers and cocaine,” he says in front of everyone.

Luis attended Ryan and Emilia’s wedding in Corfu, Greece, on Thursday. His Instagram account shows many beautiful photos from his current vacation in Greece.

Unlike Luis Oritz, Fredrik Eklund didn’t attend the wedding. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Fredrik admitted during a Watch What Happens Live appearance in June that he didn’t get an invite but explained that he told Ryan beforehand, when talk about the wedding first began, that it’s not a good idea for him to attend because of their feud with one another. Fredrik added that he wishes Ryan and Emilia well. On Thursday, Fredrik, who is on his own European vacation, sent Ryan and Emilia a congratulatory note in regards to their wedding.

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