Captain America Speaking To A Disneyland Guest In Sign Language Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Danny Cox

The world has become an even scarier place lately with so many shootings, protests, and other bad news reports coming every single day. Sometimes, the world just needs a little bit of good to bring a smile to their faces and remember what peace really looks like. That's exactly what Captain America brought to a guest at Disney California Adventure, who started speaking to him in American Sign Language. It is going to be the best thing you've seen in a while.

Yes, he has had to deal with a lot of flak lately due to the whole "Hail Hydra" situation that came forth in the comic books recently, but he still knows how to bring a big smile.

Hello Giggles brought attention to the scene that happened last week at Disneyland's sister park Disney California Adventure. Captain America was out for a meet-and-greet session, and no, it isn't Chris Evans, but it is someone who knows how to bring happiness to the guests he meets.

The guest walks up to Cap and begins having a conversation with him in American Sign Language, and it just so happens that it is all caught on video. Unexpectedly, Captain America doesn't just stop and stare but starts having a conversation with the guest in the same sign language.

Captain America responds in sign language, which leads to a response from the guest and the two sharing a laugh together. Captain America then gets a big smile on his face, holds out his arms, and the two share a hug as the guest gets an even bigger smile on his face.

Some have tried to break down what was being said between the two, and the overall majority believes it went like this.

Guest: "I'm from Boston."

Captain America: "Good. You can me teach me to sign?"

Guest: "Yes."

Captain America: "I'm a slow learner."

Guest: "Thank you!"

It's the moments like this that help many people smile or at least feel good about humanity again in a time when things seem to be at their lowest. Leave it to Captain America to breathe new life into the human spirit.

Characters at the Disney Parks are usually swarmed with long lines of guests wanting to meet them, get their autographs, and have a picture taken. It's sometimes hard for the "face" characters to have the time for a discussion or a talk, but it's always good when it does happen.

There was quite possibly a number of people waiting in line to see Captain America at Disney California Adventure that day, but the man simply lets the Marvel hero know where he was from. Maybe he expected Cap to look at him in complete confusion and to not fully comprehend what he was saying.

The fact that Captain America took a few extra moments just to make the guest feel great and appreciated is a true Disney moment. It's one that signifies the kindness and compassion that isn't seen often these days.

Even though there has been an explanation and reasoning behind Captain America's "Hail Hydra" turn in the Marvel Comics, all is forgiven after this little incident.

— Outer Places (@outerplaces) June 28, 2016

Captain America is a symbol of peace even though some say he is only a comic book character. Over time, he has become an animated character, a hit film franchise thanks to Marvel and Chris Evans, and a character greeting in Disneyland and other Disney destinations. He's become a sign of hope for many people, and seeing him speak to a guest through the use of American Sign Language is just the good deed that many may need at this moment.

[Photo by Danny Cox]