‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ Is A Great Escape From Grown-Up Stuff, Movie Packed With Comedic Laughs

The Secret Life of Pets is the perfect summer get-away-from-it-all movie. It’s funny and a great way to chill. So, put away that pile of bills, turn off the scary news, and head down to the theater. Moviegoers don’t need to have kids to enjoy this, but for those who have them, bring them along. This is a movie the whole family will love, but if necessary, it is okay to go alone or with a friend — or borrow someone else’s kids. Just go.

The Secret Life of Pets provides a lot of laughs. It is set in a very whimsical world from a rabbit’s eye view — or a cat’s or a dog’s. The movie features a wide variety of animated animals, each with their own point of view. Their voices are provided by famous stand-up comedians, and this was a great choice, according to NJ. Potential viewers should come prepared to laugh a lot.

“The Secret Life of Pets comes from some of the same folks behind the Despicable Me movies, and once again they’re smart enough to pick their voice talent from comedians, rather than movie stars. Yes, big-name actors give you a name to put on the poster, too. But a stand-up comic or an improv vet knows how to twist a line or escalate a moment. They’re always ready to embrace the laugh.”

Chris Meledandri, the head of Illumination Entertainment and creator of Despicable Me, is the mastermind behind this crazy animal-packed adventure. Chris has used every bit of his imagination to come up with this total break-away-from-reality film that will leave everyone laughing.

The Secret Life of Pets provides a lot of genuine belly laughs, but in addition to the nonstop laughs, this movie actually has a pretty complex plot for an animated feature. The action scenes may get viewers on the edge of their seats, and the characters are well developed and compellingly adorable. As the Advocate explains, these pets are extremely active.

“It’s fun to imagine what pets get into when no one is home, and “Pets” does a great job of taking that idea to an extreme. And you thought Fluffy and Fido just spent the day napping.”

Louis C.K. gives a voice to the top dog, a tiny Terrier named Max. Ellie Kemper is the voice of his owner, Ellie. Max is a natural leader and respected among his community of New York City house pets.

Jenny Slate seems to almost transform into her little Pomeranian, Gidget. It becomes impossible to imagine that little Gidget doesn’t have her own voice and a mind all her own, as Jenny Slate does an absolutely amazing job of bringing her to life.

Duke on the Green Carpet Premere [Photo by Daniel Boczarski r
Duke on the Green Carpet Premere [Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]

The Secret Life of Pets has many similarly amazing transformations, as Lake Bell breathes life into a chubby kitty named Chloe, and Eric Stonestreet brings forth a soul from a fluffy outsider mutt named Duke, who manages to wedge himself firmly between Max and Ellie, which is the major conflict in the beginning.

Kevin Hart brings to live a sinister rabbit named Snowball. This bitter bunny is frustrated with a negative experience in domestication that leaves him alienated from humans. As the leader of a feral gang of ex-pets, Snowball offers up a motto for the band of militant furry creatures.

“Liberated forever! Domesticated never.”

Albert Brooks becomes a hawk in this completely mesmerizing film. Meanwhile, Dana Carvey speaks for a wheelchair-riding veteran pet named Pops, who is a basset hound with the characteristic back trouble often seen in that breed when they reach old age.

Secrets of Pets by Daniel Boczarski c
Arrivals at Secrets of Pets Premiere [Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]

The Secret Life of Pets is so much fun that the General Mills company felt compelled to get in on the act, sponsoring a red carpet event — it was actually a green carpet event — that was just for pets, as KHOU reports. The event was held on June 28 in Chicago, Illinois. Pets dressed in costume walked the green carpet and strutted their star power in grand style, much like their human counterparts at awards ceremonies. Just like human stars, they were photographed by an array of professional photographers.

The Secret Life of Pets is just plain fun, so wouldn’t now be a great time for a good relaxing laugh?

[Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]