‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: July 7 HOH Winner Can Dictate Power Shift In ‘BB18’ House

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Thursday will include the July 7 HOH winner. The BB18 house could see a huge power shift based on who wins the Head of Household, especially if someone outside of the Eight Pack alliance figures out a way to win it. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the alliance could be close to imploding after a week of quiet drama within the house. An amusing moment (for live feed viewers) took place on Thursday afternoon. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates addressed it, as the houseguests discussed the upcoming HOH competition.

In a discussion that included Paulie Calafiore, Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, and Victor Arroyo, the houseguests speculated how the latest Head of Household competition would work. At different times, both Paulie and Tiffany mentioned that the teams would be even, with Corey and Victor correcting them by stating they don’t know that yet. Victor still has hope of remaining in the BB18 house, but he should have understood already that many people are working against him.

The houseguests all drew numbers for the July 7 HOH competition, possibly indicating that it could be an individual challenge. CBS hasn’t presented a challenge that could actually be finished during a “live” episode this season, primarily because it has been a series of endurance competitions to decide the HOH. It’s also possible that it could simply involve each team competing to complete a puzzle or challenge, with the best time winning safety for that respective group.

If the Big Brother 18 spoilers of Victor getting evicted by a vote of 10-0 turn out to be correct, that would leave three members of each team competing in the challenge. That would create an even playing field for the 12 competitors. This is where it could get very interesting, as Michelle Meyer has stated that she plans to “throw” the competition to keep Frank Eudy from becoming the Head of Household. It is also intended to make sure that Frank isn’t safe, thus making him an option to be nominated for eviction. Tiffany Rousso could also become a target for revealing that she has been telling nearly everyone in the house lies since Day 1.

Frank and Michelle are both on Category 4, which is the team with Paulie Calafiore and Bridgette Dunning as well. Paulie won HOH last week, so he doesn’t have the option to accept the title if his team wins another competition. The other competitors will be Bronte D’Acquisto, Natalie Negrotti, and James Huling for Team Unicorn; Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, and Paul Abrahamian for the Big Sister team; and Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, and Tiffany Rousso for the Freakazoids team.

Nicole Franzel was the first HOH of summer 2016, a fact that was revealed in the first round of Big Brother 18 spoilers this season. She took the power after Glenn Garcia was evicted from her team. During Nicole’s run as the HOH, the house evicted Jozea Flores by a vote of 7-4. Now Paulie Calafiore has taken over as the HOH, with the BB18 house likely to evict Victor Arroyo by a vote of 10-0 on Thursday night. If Victor is sent packing, that would leave the houseguest count at eight women and five men left in the game.

The July 7 episode of the show will air at 9 p.m. PT/ET on CBS, with Julie Chen revealing to the latest evicted houseguest that they will have an opportunity to get back in the game. Victor is very close to being sequestered in some luxury hotel or mansion until he can compete to re-enter the house. While there are some rumors about what the latest Head of Household competition will entail, it still might not get finished before the July 7 episode comes to a close. That means that another installment of Big Brother 18 spoilers could come out overnight.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]